Sonos Move Vs Sonos One Speaker – Which Has Richer Sound?

The last couple of years have been very successful for the brand Sonos which is now a household name and synonymous with multi-room wireless sound with great quality and easy integration. The brand has only recently ventured into wireless smart speakers and the Sonos move happens to be their debut product opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Sonos One is your beloved entry point into the world of amazing sound and beginners have discovered a whole new sound thanks to this device. it is very popular and now with the effort to go wireless, it is prudent to compare the new Sonos Move to the sound we all know and love as Sonos customer base and fan base. Things have slightly changed and even though these products are from the same makers, they are inherently different.

Sonos has always been a top tier brand that is here to revolutionize the way music is played indoors and now outdoors. Now that we have Sonos Move, we are were eager to compare its performance to the famous Sonos One speaker to see just how the new kid fits in the rest of the brand lineup. The Sonos One is a legendary release that comes highly recommended and can be used as the measuring yard for Sonos sound quality.

Now let’s take a look at the two products specs, pros and cons so that you will deeply understand the differences, hopefully by the end of this post you will be in a position to make an informed choices whether to upgrade to the Move or stick to One. Cheers!

Sonos MoveSonos One
Sonos MoveSonos One
High Fidelity smart speaker with rich sound.
On-the-go Bluetooth play.
Internal battery for untethered operation.
Bluetooth Wi-Fi toggle button.
class D amps and downward firing tweeter.
Durable product.
Full-bodied rich sound.
Alexa/ Google Assistant.
Can mute Alexa and still play music.
Supports AirPlay 2.
Neat and clean design.
AAC only, no aptX.
Too big and heavy to travel with.
Speaker is too heavy and awkward to be truly portable.
Not portable.

Sonos Move

Sonos Move Vs Sonos One Speaker

Sonos Move has been the latest not unexpected move by Sonos to gain market share for smart home speakers that you can also carry outside to your yard or someplace else. It is their very first tentative project of this nature and therefore you are well in your rights to be concerned for quality and impression.

We’ll start off by saying that even though the Sonos Move is labelled as portable it is not as light as it seems. Just the same, it’s an ace.

First impressions with this speaker is high fidelity sound and great ease of use switching between docked and wireless operation on the fly.

Sonos seems to have a speaker for every occasion and their naming does not help customers follow their product lineup. The Move is hands down the best Bluetooth speakers for indoor and outdoor use we have ever reviewed. It offers on the go Bluetooth connectivity and integrated multi-room networked speaker system support over Wi-Fi just as easily.

It obviously has an internal battery so you can untether it from the power supply and use it outdoors. Here are some what we liked and what was not so awesome about the Move speaker by Sonos.

Sonos One

Sonos Move Vs Sonos One Speaker

As we have noted above, Sonos One is the measuring stick you can use for good Sonos speakers. It is a legendary work of art and engineering and the first to start a revolution. From the moment this hit the streets, no one would ever have to choose between smart speakers and good quality ever again.

It is the follow up of the existing Play: 1 smart speaker with a bunch of improvements such as a touch sensitive control panel with a great deal seeker. Manual controls are the least of your concerns however, now that voice control is also an option. The device comes fitted with 6 internal microphones to pick out the faintest voice commands

In addition to their full bodied rich sound, Sonos did not force users accept Alexa or Google Assistant only. It basically made premium nearly free and forever impacted the smarts industry.

Even to date, the One is still a serious contender and one of the best smart bars you can have and enjoy good value for money.


Sonos Move Vs Sonos One Speaker

The Sonos move is very similar to previous Sonos speakers and consists of the same basic metal grille and a clean black finish. It is slightly heavier than you would suspect for its size and comes with those advanced capacitive controls for a smarter look.

The Move comes with far-field mics inbuilt for audio commands and will use any of the four on board mics to pick out the faintest sound in the distance even when playing. It has a multi-room pairing button and a Wi-Fi to Bluetooth play toggle switch at the rear end which make it super easy to set up.

Inside the Move speaker includes 2 class D digital amps and a mid-woofer for excellent bass and faithful mid-ranges. It also has one downward firing tweeter for highs which makes it well balanced for all resonant angles.

The makers of Sonos Move claim heavy testing for durability and stress tests because unlike tethered speakers, this portable feature means a lot more risk of falling and exposure to humidity.

The Sonos One is a revolutionary product that happens to be nothing but the hyped version of Play: 1 speaker. They ditched the bulky buttons and equipped the One with neat touch sensitive surface for all controls.

Voice control is one of the strong features for the One with six sensitive far-field mics that allow the device to pick out song requests even in the midst of party noise. It comes with the same good quality sound features as the Play: 1 with mid-woofers and tweeter driver combo and two class D amps. This is the same basic setup inside the Sonos Move as well.

A tiny light at the top of the speaker lets you know when Alexa is listening.

Audio Quality

Sonos Move Vs Sonos One Speaker

Sonos Move is pricey but the high cost is easily justifiable when the richness and quality of the sound from the device is experienced. It is an easy match for Sonos One sound clarity and quality and we would place it somewhere above the original Play: 1 on a fidelity and volume scale.

Its mid-range drivers are felt in the fillings of spaces and forceful low ends and this is important for a portable speaker that is meant to adapt to whatever environment that you use it in without being acoustically tuned.

The TruePlay system is the feature that ensures that the Sonos Move can handle every situation both indoors and outdoors. This entails reworking audio outputs to adjust to the surroundings for instant gratification.

The Sonos One is not only a neat and clean original but has the same trusted audio qualities that Sonos brought on board the first time. It is a relatively smaller and lighter speaker and it’s a just a shame that it cannot be untethered from the power supply.

Don’t let the small size fool you because this cute little adorable machine packs quite the punch when it comes to sufficient power and volume without compromising on quality. This will play music that is complicated better than most speakers and its price is also easily justifiable.

On the flip-side, the One cannot separate from a pair of speaker units and always squeezes sound into one channel even though the sound output is still pretty solid. It is inherently compatible with other Sonos speakers and will improve the sound quality in the home for more occasions than you think.

Smart Features

Sonos Move Vs Sonos One Speaker

As you may have noticed, the Move is typical Sonos hardware now equipped with an internal battery and repackaged as a new piece. While this is underwhelming, it’s great to know that not much of the connectivity features of Sonos are not foregone.

The Move speaker offers the same volatility of use you enjoy with the product line allowing you to play from nearly every audio device and online streaming platforms like Spotify over the Sonos App.

One feature Sonos One users can’t stop talking about is the wonderfully choreographed voice control integration. It is your favorite smart speaker because it will understand your requests whether you are audible or in the distance. It is basically what to expect in any high end smart speaker for the home.


The Sonos One and the Move are incredible pieces of tech and from the same trusted and loved powerhouse in all matters sound bars.  They have a lot of features in common but also some key differences the most obvious of which is the Move is a portable speaker while the One remains tethered. The Move also has an advanced TruePlay feature which allows it to automatically adjust sound to the surrounding.

With both speakers you can choose between Google Assistant and Alexa and it’s just a matter of preference.  The assistant feature is limited for WIFI on the Move which means in Bluetooth play mode google assistant and Alexa are suppressed.

The Sonos Move is obviously the more advanced speaker than the Sonos One but if you are buying for the first time then you may want to consider the One. It is an excellent place to start your sound discovery journey with Sonos and will give you good sound for your buck. If you are looking for something for the after party with booming sound then the Sonos Move is an ideal purchase.

Both of these are wonderful products, we have a tie!