Sonos Move vs Bose Portable Home Speaker: Which Portable Smart Speaker Wins?

In this post we have pitched two well respected brand names with some of the most loved portable smart speakers out here, the Bose Portable Home and the ground shaking Sonos Move speaker. These smart options are the nearest match you will find for portable smart speakers with comparable prices and sound capabilities and it is not surprise that you would have them remain on your shortlist of top two speakers to buy this year.

The speakers both share the Alexa and Google Assistant dual for voice control and smart home integration in addition to being outdoorsy. Being such a close race, we do not promise to give you a clear cut winner but rather give you enough details to understand the merits of buying either speaker over the other. Read this through to understand which speaker offers you what value for your money and possibly decide which the best is for you.

Sonos Move is a Santa Barbara- based Tech Company that has made it the norm to break all uniformity with the current market designs for smart speakers to bring you some extraordinary sound experiences with unconventional speakers. The Bose is an equally authoritative speaker with impeccable engineering for sound and exterior design for beauty and beast.

The Sonos Move is a powerful little rhythm box with two amplifiers and one downward firing tweeter in the company of a powerful mid-woofer. It supports TruePlay which is he advanced version of the spatial-tuning technology which is the Sonos auto tune technology which lets their speakers to automatically adjust itself to the environment with built in microphones. The speaker is smart enough to listen for feedback from the room acoustics and adjust projection to match the room.

When we tested the Move, this was one of the cool new toys that made the outdoor rooftop experience excellent. The speaker will drown out distant sounds with traffic and trains and still allow live conversations just a few feet from itself.

Sonos MoveBose Portable
Sonos MoveBose Portable
Great sound.

Alexa and Google integration.

11 hour battery.

AirPlay 2 support.

IP 56 weather resistance.

Bluetooth support.

Includes charging dock.

Supports Apple Music.
360 degree sound.

Bluetooth support.

12-hour battery life.

IPX4 weather resistance.

AirPlay 2 support.

Alexa and Google integration.

Shorter battery life.
Does not come with charging dock.

Does not support Apple Music.

Sonos Move

Sonos Move

As mentioned above, the Sonos Move entity is a company of unprecedented inventions and will go to any length to deliver a pleasant surprise for its new customer base. If you have not handled one of these before we can promise you that it will be a speaker unlike anything you have heard before. The move is a tower design with an all-black exterior and elliptical cylinder with a grille that takes up much of the surface area. It measures a staggering 9.5 inches and will take up quite some vertical shelf space.

The Move is obviously portable but it really lacks a comfortable grip to carry without dropping. It has an underwhelming grip in the rear which too little an effort is making the carry for the 6.6 pounder a two hand job.

Bose Portable Home Speaker

Bose Portable Home Speaker

The Bose is a lighter speaker compared to the 6.6 pound Sonos Move and comes with a more seductive portability infrastructure which makes moving an effortless maneuver thanks to its bucker handle. Just the same the Move is arguably more seductive in its exterior design and the extra weight means it packs more in drivers and hardware to deliver on impeccable sound.

The Bose Portable Home comes in two colors which is not much in the way of expression for those of us who would rather not look like everyone else bringing their jukebox to the beach. The Bose Home Portable speaker is powerful box with an aesthetic option with additional color options like the triple black and Luxe silver for styling options.

Bose have struggled with sound stabilization over several iterations and the Portable Home speaker seems to be ultimate solution. The speaker is fitted with high-excursion transducers and three passive radiators for 360 degree sound and a loudness level that exceeds the Move. It gets louder than the Move speaker but also interferes with normal conversation unlike the Move.


Sonos Move vs Bose Portable Home Speaker

Both the Sonos and Bose platforms are powerhouses for excellent engineering and innovation producing some high fidelity sound devices which enrich listening experiences. Enthusiasts have their preferences and either the Bose or Sonos people will claim that their pick will deliver an all-round sound with faithful amplification and clarity.

If you are a bass person, you should find the Sonos Move speaker more fulfilling and if you are after the crispiness of the median sounds and better performance for low to mid-level volumes then the Bose Portable is your best pick.

The Sonos Move will give an impressive base thump with nearly any song you can think of. It will complement songs style nicely and give you the full experience of the recording studio.

The design and testing of any smart or other electronic device is of key importance. It is what determines the user experience as well as the durability of the product. Both of these speakers are properly designed to last.

When Sonos unveiled their Move product they promised durability and impressive audio quality saying that rigorous testing showed it survived 6 foot drops. It is IP56 rated which means it is weather proof and will live through a rainy night if you forget it in your garden. If only it came with its own bucket handle!

The Bose is equally rugged and when we dropped it from the hands to concrete patio it showed minima signs of damage and still worked. Bose Portable is rated IXP4 which mean it can live through a splash at your pool party but is not completely water proof. It feels more fragile than the Sonos Move and just begs to stay indoors even though it comes with an enticing little carry handle.

Smart Features

Sonos Move vs Bose Portable Home Speaker

Both the Bose and Sonos speakers support Alexa and Google Assistant which is a great choice if you would like to access many third party services and free music streaming. You can use either of these to control you smart home devices and also to fetch the latest weather report. You can also set reminders and listen to the events on your calendar, the possibilities go on and on.

Calls are not yet supported but you can do pretty much every home hub action with these smart rhythm boxes. You will need to have your speaker associating with your Wi-Fi network to use many of the smart home features.

When you are out on the beach with your portable speaker, you have limited smartness but you can still pair with your phone or tablet and enjoy some cool music. Not total road warriors on smartness end but the listening experience is not ruined by carrying them outdoors.

So clearly we have a tie as far as smart features go


These speakers are closely matched for features and pricing that it becomes more difficult to choose one or the other once you have all the facts at hand. On top of being the better at bass, Sonos has the undeniable edge over the Bose for music streaming services. They have a back end app that provides a greater reach to over 100 platforms for every kind of listener. Services like Pandora and Spotify work flawlessly with your Sonos Move.

Bose also has a neat array of streaming options and also supports Spotify and Pandora. Lovers of Apple Music will be able to connect via AirPlay 2 in addition to services like Audible. The Bose has its competitive edge when it comes to portability and battery life. It is the true road warrior with a whopping 20 hours of non-stop music and a little over a day when listening for commands. The Sonos one can only manage 10 hours but does automatically revert to suspend mode which can save up plenty of battery power when not in use so there is that.

It is also important to note that the Move come with a charging base while the Bose charging cradle will set you back $ 30 more.

That said, none of the two options comes cheap as The Bose is the cheaper speaker at $350 and the Sonos will have you dig a little deeper with $50 more for a bigger punch in your bass. It may be more costly but in the end Sonos will outperform the Bose at all the critical categories and remains a superior design that is worth every penny. That is not to say that the Bose is a bad choice because for the smaller price you get some huge advantages.

Either of these is a valid candidate to buy and it all matters what you intend to use the speaker for most of the time. Well now you know how to go about choosing your best poison for an entrancing listening experience.