Scandinavian Living Room Designs – 20 Budget Friendly Ideas

Have you fallen for the minimalist beauty and functionality of Scandi interiors? If so, you are not alone because many people desire a non-barren uncluttered and open inviting home you can enjoy with company and loved ones. The style emphasizes openness and airiness as well as simplified functionality so you can enjoy the perks of accessible amenities right at the comfort of your living room. When choosing a Scandi look for your living room, you better ensure that it serves all the needs of you and your family but also keeps the space open as well. The fact that it is a minimalistic design means that you get to enjoy your makeover for budget friendly costs.

How To Recognize a Scandinavian Decorate Home

Even though it by no means a new style, the Scandinavian look can be considered a new approach to living reflective of the past. It has quite a number of distinctive elements that make it the unique choice of style it is today. Let’s break these up a bit so you can understand!

The first thing you need to internalize about the said design is the use of black white and gray color palettes with a little blend of beige in addition to pastel blues and pinks all of a neutral feel. Most of the colors lie in the neutral zone and there is mild use of contrast. Whites are the darling staple color of choice as they brighten up the room regardless of light sources.

Wood is the dominant flooring and some other natural materials like rattan, cotton and wool are also used in the decoration. The interiors are often furry and warm giving off that welcoming vibe. Perhaps that the Scandinavian countries are super cold during the winter has to do with the desire to keep the rooms well-lit and warm with wool and fur throws.

A little bit of nature is also welcomed with plants and flowers while knotted fiber makes some of the furniture. The furniture can be sophisticated with curved lines rather than just neat vertical and horizontal lines.

Let’s Take Examples!

Now that you have the rough picture of what a Scandi design is supposed to look like, we want to help you create you best living room. To better achieve that, you need to look at our selection of top Scandi style living rooms.

These are just suggestions that should help you come up with our own individualized living room that best reflects your tastes and style. Most importantly, we hope to give you a room that meets your every family and individual or group need.


1. Light And Stylish

On this first feature of a Scandinavian styled living room, we have a mouthful to chew on the color schemes preferred for this style. This white and grey palette will be the introductory look for as a signature for nearly every Scandinavian design. The style prefers simplicity, and the light and airiness of the interior space making even small spaces feel much larger. It’s not mandatory that you stick to only these two colors because then your room will be downright plain and boring but they form the basis for this color scheme. A pop of color here and there doesn’t hurt.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Scandinavian Homes}

2. Unique Interior

When you choose Scandinavian decor, for your living room, you can already see why your living room will have a world of a difference from the ordinary interior setting that your will see in many western homes. It starts with the tonal colors down to the furniture selections and the very mood of the room. Among other things, this room will emphasize on functionality above all else. The sitting area and rug seem comfy and nice with a welcoming touch of homely decor.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: ALL & NXTHING}

3. Modern Nordic Living Room

Grey is very common in most Scandinavian living rooms for a good reasons too. Grey projects simplicity and elegance in the room. It comprises of whites and black and is therefore the idealistic neutral color of choice. In agreement with these choices of color scheme then the other colors in the room are often also natural colors such as brown for wood or a slight darker shade of grey towards black. This set exhibits a perfect combination of those colors and the indoor plants also add much life to the airy room. The sofa is a shade darker than the rug and cushions making it that much more noticeable against the white background.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Scandinavian Homes}

4. Budget Scandinavian Interior

This Amsterdam Living Room remodel is another inspiration for a cute budget Scandinavian room with no fireplace or TV. We have seen mow the style can be applied for larger living rooms with a gigantic budget. What about small budget and apartments? Is it still possible to adopt this style for tighter spaces and on a budget? As we have seen thus far, this style emphasizes on simple functionality. That concept is especially true for this room which is quite small but has everything you need to relax or get busy effortlessly.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Louise de Miranda}

5. Small Open Concept

Check out this small Danish home with an open concept and wall mounted TV set plus a unique media wall. Because these rooms are to be warm, simple and inviting, wood is the preferred flooring material. For this case, an open concept is adding to the utility of each and every inch of the floor space available. The couch is boldly colored and the floor is also lighter but the room is mostly neutral and comfy.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: P+A Interiors Inc}

6. Mid-Sized Danish Open Concept Living Room

Next up we have this mid-sized open concept living room with white walls and with a standard fireplace plus a TV stand. You have to love how the different sofa and chairs are combined together in this room to make a unified space. It shows how there is no need to buy suites. Though it might not seem like it from this angle, this room is spacious as it lacks too many accessories. Hopefully the TV doesn’t get too hot for being next to the fireplace.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Corben Architects}

7. Scandinavian Design For A Large Open Concept

The first thing you notice about this model room might be the expansive nature of it with plenty of room. It will please you to know that the room is not all that big after all. The room is designed to fee spacious and that is something to admire for any open concept living design and especially for a Scandinavian one. The designer painfully sorts through the tons of stuff to include narrowing it down to the core basics and only limited potted plants and wall accessories too.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Gärtner Internationale Möbel}

8. London Living Room Scandinavian Remodel

The John Lewis Living house is home, to this amazing model for a unique and bold colored Scandinavian living room. This sofa is a transitional styled sectional and you have to love how it feels on the area rug against the accent wall. With this style, the fundamental rule to remember is that everything should function as something. You do not want to stockpile on museum artifacts as much as you want a retro vibe to your new living room. Small tables for placing home decor are not at all uncommon in this style too.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: John Lewis & Partners}

9. Danish Formal With Light Wood Flooring

When you want a Scandinavian styled room to look its best, you have to consider the most important aspects like color, form and texture. These are exceptionally well chosen for this cool room with dominant white and greys. This room is also commendable for furniture choices which offer ample sitting area for a group. This style often uses rectangular shaped sofas with arm support on each side interchangeably with open ended sectionals such as this one. The lighting in the room also feels airy and light. The bright whites chop up the duller tones on the floor and area rug.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Stiff and Trevillion}

10. Formal Light Wood Open Concept With White Walls And A Stone Fireplace

When you want to represent a cheerful personality and break the monotony of Scandinavian color scheme, here is a clever way to do it. That abstract art really, pops against the monochromatic backdrop of the room and adds its unique cheer to the room speaking to the vibrancy of your lives. The room now feels summery and airy thanks to the ample lighting and reflective surfaces. As you can see, the lighting in this room is genius and blends in nicely with the fiery fireplace and gold color across the feature wall.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Stuart Silk Architects | Limited PS}

11. Monochromatic Scandinavian Living Room Design

Check out this Historical Paris home with lighter toned wooden floor planks and an open concept layout featuring gray walls with white trims and a formal outlook. The flooring seem to be real wood with a whitewash or white oil finish. The use of a single shade continues to be the most evident feature for this Scandinavian styled room as well. If you are not the personality for bland colors or you simply want to have a timeless piece you will not grow tired of seeing, this is it.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Tatiana Nicol}

12. Large Danish With Two Sided Fireplace And No TV

By now you understand full well that light and airiness is the key to unlocking the ideal Scandinavian style. That explains the purposeful large windows on this home and the choices of whites contrasting with blacks. The outdoors comes indoors on this set with the windows allowing infinite rays of light to brighten up your stay in the living room. Black and white is sharply contrasted throughout the room and that way creating clean accentuating lines from the charming wooden floors to the stark white walls.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: helsingHouse Fastighetsmäklare}

13. Mid-Sized Apartment Light Wood Flooring

We have examined larger Scandinavian styled living room but there are still those of us here for chic small spaces with the same look and feel as larger airier rooms. With ample lighting, natural and artificial you can create the same spaciousness in a tighter space. As clearly seen from this set, whites are clearly the dominant color to make the room seem not shy away from adding a pop of color to make the room livelier. The pillows on the grey sofa have that effect for this room.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

14. Danish Scandinavian Styled Room with Gray Walls and a Brick Fireplace

Wow, This Scandinavian styled home with gray walls and brick for the fireplace has quite some wall decor and clever use of space. The space I a little tight but still feels warm and inviting with plenty of room for movement. The sofa is huddled in the corner creating room on the remaining two sides. This should encourage you not to drop your gallery wall just because you want to move to Scandinavian style. Plenty of wall art can also look great when properly added to the feature wall.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Corynne Pless}

15. Danish Formal Open Concept Scandinavian Living Room Design

The Clifford residence in Austin is a perfect example of open concept light flooring and standard fireplace, with no TV for a mid-sized room. The print art over the fireplace breaks the monotony of the colors in the room with an amazing display of, the full spectrum. There is also a deliberate attempt at achieving symmetry with two of the chairs and the sofas. The fireplace an overhanging art are the main focal points for this shot. The piece itself is carved wood which is also painted in various gradations forming a 3D sculpture.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Texas Construction Company}

16. Ranch-Styled Scandinavian Living Room

This room is quite unusual even for the rare Scandinavian styling. The room has this wooden and therefore organic feel with a touch of antique and ranch style. It is the Caterpillar House down in the central coast of California The Santa Lucia home is the modern expression of the mid-century ranch styles and features warm minimalism and architecture that embraces the gorgeous exteriors. If you love this room it’s professionally done as the first LEED Platinum home in Carmel valley. Most of the furniture is repurposed stuff making it an eco-friendly setup with the ambience of the natural environment on its exteriors.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: JayJeffers}

17. Colorful Scandinavian Living Room Design

This view best showcases the open concept wooden flooring of this high end home. The chest though small stands out as a retro vibe with a wooden feel which adds to the room and antique feel. The wood is warm and also conscious of the beautiful nature outside the whitewashed windows. Planked ceilings are exciting and for this either beech or maple wood would work best. The rug is the only interruption for the general color scheme. The armchair with plaid seat cushion is also phenomenal and offers good company to the popping yellow sofa.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Jan Skacelik}

18. Gray Walled Mid-Sized Scandinavian Design With No TV

The monochromatic feel of this room is only interrupted by the wooden flooring and the plants by the sofa. Other than that, this model presents a constant prominence of grey and therefore the middle ground for black and white. Grey scale styling options are somewhat the most settling and will never bore you. The warmth from this set is added with the textures and wooden browns that add life to the room. The white window also adds external light to the set making it livelier.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: REVENY}

19. Mid-Sized Enclosed Living Room

Natural light is the essential part of any Scandinavian interior styling and that is what is envisaged in this room with a relatively large window. Natural light comes in easily and is diffused by the white linen. The point is to make the room brighter and accentuating with firm colors against the charming wooden floors. Clearly you can keep the greyness theme alive with this home. The monochrome theme is carried on to the rug and highlighted by the intricate strips.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors}

20. Condo Scandinavian Living Room Design

You have to love the side table in this open concept Danish living room in Vancouver with light wood flooring and gray walls. The shelving on the far end carries on the functionality theme and off ample space to showcase some heirlooms and priced pieces. The windows in the home are also sufficiently large to invite the natural ambience and the warm pine wood floors are extensive and complement the whole design.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: SHIFT Interiors}

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