Amazon Echo Smart vs Apple Homepod Mini: Which is the Better Smart Speaker?

If you are juggling the two musical sphere from Amazon and Apple then you are on the right resource page to help you decipher each one separately and what you need to know before taking either one home. It’s no secret that the pods are comparable foes and each is made to weaken the other’s sales volume and as these giants struggle to deliver awesomeness in rich sound to your home, surely it’s no easy feat being on the consumer side trying to figure out which is the better bargain. Luckily, you have us for insider knowledge and candid assessment of the sound quality beyond the sales gibberish.

Apple were a little late to the party when they released the Homepod mini to answer the Amazon Echo. They were obviously envious of the hype and fire around the Amazing Amazon smart speaker and also needed a way to subsidy their larger Homepod without actually admitting they were wrong in pricing. They quickly found a fix by cramming all the features that they could of the Homepod into a 3.3 inch sphere now called Mini. The shrinkage did a number on the speaker’s sound richness but otherwise they were able to get away with it.

We were keen to hear if the Apple counter was nearly as clear as Amazon’s wonder smart speaker that had enthusiasts booking thousands in advance. The Amazon Echo is a revolutionary speaker even for a company that is known for absolute miracles. These guys just tossed out the old designs and created a new design that made a lot more sense surprisingly. They included smarter software and the formidable ZigBee hub comes inbuilt making it an exclusive product and a whole new playing field for smart speakers.

Amazon Echo SmartApple Homepod Mini
Amazon Echo SmartApple Homepod Mini
Improved sound quality and richness.
Better smartness for connectivity with smart home.
Easy pairing for versatile stereo uses.
Compact Design.
Good sounding for its tiny size.
Fast and responsive assistant Siri.
Bulky design for some.
No major upgrades since previous release.
Hugely depends on Apple ecosystem.
Does not sound as good as the Amazon Echo.
Fiddly volume controls.
Siri is not as capable as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

October of 2020 saw the launch of the Amazon Echo 4th generation smart speaker from this maker and a total departure from the original design that used cylindrical containers. It only reduced the price by $10 or so compared to the predecessor which went for somewhere north of the $100 mark. This could be the reason why Apple scrambled to drop their price to this range a massive cut from the previous $300 obscenity. The price difference for the Amazon speaker might not be much but the audio quality made leaps with this upgrade.

The Echo speaker is clearly a better offer than many other speakers in its category offering three drivers instead of one and 76mm woofer with dual front firing tweeters for the crisp clarity deserving of high end speaker systems. If you want a richer sound and bigger beat for your buck then the Echo is your friend.

It is perhaps the smart move when you are looking to incorporate a smart assistant like Alexa into your entertainment system and also get a speaker that can double as your simple wireless speaker. It requires no hassle to get it up and running for the first time as features are intuitive and simple. it looks like a puck which is quite unique for a smart speaker.

The Apple Homepod Mini

Apple Homepod Mini

This is the pride of Apple when it comes to cheap competitive smart speakers that give a good bang for your buck. Do not expect the price to dip even for the festivities on this one because they rarely do for Apple products though. Underneath the ball of joy is the single full range driver with a downward firing and 360degree waveguide to avert distortions. The suspension is crafted to absorb harmonics and ensure that the sound is clear and rich without noise ratio.

It is the most spectacular piece in the series with a stunning beauty and innovation that you just have to admire. Its full aesthetic potential can be realized when you engage the floating ball of light feature in a dimly lit environment. It glows when you summon Siri which is an interesting animation that will beat the Amazon Echo’s pulsating blue light ten to one.

Instead of focusing on the making cheaper products Apple claims to be concerned with high fidelity sound and its debut product the Homepod was proof of that. Just the same, the mini version seems to be targeting the Amazon customer base and is the exception to the rule. The Homepod found itself wrestling with giants and Apple know all too well about commerce and driving sales. The original never really took off and so the Mini was the compromise on pricing.


Amazon Echo Smart vs Apple Homepod Mini

Amazon Echo is a taller product with 13 cm height and a whooping 14cm width and obviously packs a bigger punch for depth of bass compared to the smaller Mini which is only slightly larger than a cue ball. The globular shape is a departure from the original shapes of Amazon smart sounders and also differs in principle from the Mini which is spherical. The greater size is not the only advantage this speaker enjoys over its adversary although it does have a lot to do with the extra boom.

Dues to its unusual outlook, the Echo has been the revolutionary wonder item in Amazon’s sound bag which has traditionally produced some excellent sounding gadgets and we are inclined to give it a thumbs up. It looks nothing like your regular cheap smart speaker from China and you don’t even have to get started on the internal features to know that you are actually getting good bang for your buck.

The Apple Homepod Mini is a new generation of smart even for the powerhouse featuring a more gorgeous look and feel with cute mesh and lighting. It is smaller and most importantly, less expensive than its predecessor. The Homepod never really launched due to the market competition from Google and Amazon and this product is largely seen as Apple’s great price compromise.

From a maker that hardly ever reviews their prices downwards, it is impressive to see how market forces external to Apple can force them to give customers more for less. That is exactly what you get when you are just entering the Apple bubble for sound. If you also fancy entering other ponds for the fun then this is still not your ultimate buy for smart integration speakers.

Audio Quality

Amazon Echo Smart vs Apple Homepod Mini

The Echo is designed to revolutionize sound and the home entertainment system and takes both to the next level. We feel like the makers of this speaker actually added to the previous versions and made a point of improving your experience while using it.

The rounder body certainly gives this model a larger impact on the audio impressions and the sheer volume gives it’s an edge for deeper base and still manages well balanced mids and highs. It comes with smart feedback control which uses high tech mics to autocorrect the sound for the room.

The smaller Apple Homepod Mini is also equally impressive and can get pretty loud but sounds its best when at around 25% volume. It has an awesome mind and Siri is reportedly better and more apt on this speaker than on most Apple devices. It easily handles music genres of all sorts but restricts you to the Apple pool which is not impressive.

This device was obviously meant to compliment if not compromise on the price of the original Homepod and still manages a good fraction of the sound quality of the much larger speaker which is impressive. Considering the monetary and shelf space savings, this is worthy buy for those eyeing the Homepod series.

Smart Features

Amazon Echo Smart vs Apple Homepod Mini

Alexa will beat Siri for extra features and services integration any day. Siri is rather underdeveloped for creating cheap fun and forces you to get a subscription to enjoy the full package. Alexa is less proprietary and allows you to enjoy unlimited upgrades and services like the rest of the world. However, if you are comfortable with the Apple bubble then the Mini is a great choice as well.


This time we chose a fixed match combination as the Amazon Echo easily wins for a majority of users out there. It is still cheaper and a louder more capable system with connection nodes that Apple users will only dream about. Other than being device agnostic, the Echo is incredibly easy to set up and anyone with an android smartphone can enjoy playing on the platform.

Just the same, we have demonstrated that the Homepod Mini can do really quite a lot and although naturally made for the Apple arena it will appeal to its own crowd. If you own an iPhone and subscribe to their iTunes music platform then there is zero minutes in learning curve to using this awesome entry level smart speaker. It is also much more attractive than the Echo when glowing in the dark.