25 Transitional Living Room Design Ideas

Transational decorating entails merging a couple of styles and themes to create beautiful decor for the interiors of a home. Living room decorations look good when you mix match a few items compared to sticking to suites. So regardless of the size and orientation of your room you can make it beautiful, modern, stylish, forma and even rustic without having to sacrifice on the functionality of the furnishings. You also do not have to overdo a budget to achieve your decoration goals.

For a room in your home where most of the living is done then, you should pay much attention to each every detail and select each piece of the puzzle carefully. Transitional homes are understated and generally use a lot of neutral shades and gentle curves with an occasional pop in color. If you have come to fall in love with transitional homes for their gentleness then you are not to blame and it will be difficult to change your mind about owning one. The best part about it though is that you are unlikely to grow tired of your new living room’s serenity.

If you would like to create your own serene transitional living room, you are in luck because we have some tips and examples for you to borrow a leaf from.

What Colors Go with a Transitional Theme?

This styling option for your home goes with neutral and muted tones for the most part. This includes creams, beige and more sophisticated gray shades with lighter hues even though blues, greens, corals and other bold colors are quite popular too. Medium to dark toned wood is perfect to complement that understated and preferably solid color scheme. An occasional splash of color in a vase or pillow offers contrast and breaks up the duller hues.

Mixing and matching

The secret to decorating like a pro is to have courage to intermingle pieces to recreate modern and contemporary to rustic views. Find unique and bother less about how each piece matches the room. That does not warrant the semblance of a garage sale happening in your living room. Let each piece be functional and unique.

Because we always have your back, when it comes to transitional living rooms, it is no different. Take a look at these 25 beautiful styling ideas that should inspire you to get started on your remodel.

1. Pick A Neutral Color Scheme

Colors in a transitional style home follow that of the traditional style; grey, sand, and white. Neutral colors add to the stately traditional side of transitional interiors. However, bold dark colors, like midnight blue, charcoal and black are right on trend in more masculine transitional decorating style.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Inigo & Co.}

2. Immaculate And Unique

Transitional homes can also run gamut and produce that rare elegant feel. This home features high walls and spick and span choice of colors with dominant white color scheme. The room is centered on the modern fireplace with unique wall art hanging over it. Abstract art pieces such as this one go hand in hand with transitional home styling. The ceiling takes after a starry sky with reclined lights and a dark tone. The mirror coffee table amplifies the beauty of the room without drawing much attention to itself and is therefore a useful addition to this look.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: WDG Architecture | Planning + Interiors}

3. Transitional Design For Cabin Studio

Medium toned wood looks stunning against the darker hued grey and black features of this set. The cabin features a studio design which creates room where there is little of it. The spiral stair well is another effort by the architect to make use of little space available in the tiny room. The minimalist design with the bedroom visible from the lower level is on a whole new level.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Kristina Clark}

4. City Home With Transitional Design

This room gives a good inspiration for transitional city living room remodel with white walls and a feature media wall. A remarkable piece in the set is the table behind the sofa and is a custom piece. This example goes to show how well transitional designers can also make use of available space on either side of the central fireplace to create shelving for storage and decoration. The layer rug is also a unique piece with special writings and looks chic over the black floor.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jennifer Worts Design}

5. Small and Cute Transitional Living Room

Check out this inspirational piece for a small and cute living room featuring a wide sofa with plush ottoman. The room is tunnel-shaped room that has circulation down one side of the space. It’s a wonderful idea for any living room but fits best on a smaller sized room as in picture. With the little available space, you will need to be crafty in availing room for sitting area and not blocking the hallway. The gorgeous beige walls make the room feel much warmer and larger interrupted only by the large abstract art pieces.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Inspired Dwellings}

6. Large Transitional Open Concept

This residential interior design by Camilla Molders feature white walls and a black stone fireplace against a black carpeted floor with irregular white stripes. This sofa has this retro vibe going on with striped and mix colored pillows. Every piece in this home has and industrial and retro feel to it and seems to be functional enough to justify its use. These halo lights feel heavenly and spark an imagination any time of day. This room is deliberately darker on the lower parts and lighter in the ceiling and features window walls making allowing ambient light to char up all the black.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Camilla Molders Design}

7. Medium Tone Wooden Floor Remodel

This Sandefjord Home in Norway is a lovely inspiration for medium toned wood floor living room with white walls and a standard fireplace. The Rustic layer up sets the tone for the rest of the furniture and looks really chic against the brown wood. The recent sofa offers ample sitting space while the unique ancient styled chair gives the room character. Another feature that tweaks the entire set is the fireplace with an overhanging mirror. Metal and glass coffee tables are easy and functional but also add style to the room.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: SwanfieldLiving}

8. Transition With Beige

Transitional decoration often involves more sophisticated choices of color and texture than say traditional mismatching. If you are looking for a sophisticated color there are very few shades for your apartment that can match the complexity of beige. This neat room utilizes this color extensively ranging from the walls to the curtains and adjacent grey floor. This color is accented beautifully by the fiery orange of the cushions and flowers as well as the two pedestals by the lampshade. To crown it all is the glamorous Colette bench that is covered with soft alabaster linen.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: cre8joy1}

9. Tile Fireplace Transitional Room

Transitional living rooms are meant to be classy too and that couldn’t be more evident than with this modern oriented interior design idea you can adopt for your next project. The fireplace tends to be the natural focal point for every home. The same goes for this dark tiled fireplace with prestigious design and features. The mantel is boldly colored compared to the adjacent walls and while it is still a part of the feature wall, it stands out easily.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer}

10. Medium Tone Wood Floor Library

You can make room for reading in you and your loved one’s lives by adopting this gorgeous style of high library shelves with ladder and window seat. The blue walls allow imagination to flow and the window seat is a genius idea for excellent reading experiences. The ladder and shelves add to the character of the room while every other piece seems carefully vetted to complement the medium tone wood floor. The orange warms up the room and the books themselves are enough accessories.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Cory Connor Designs}

11. White Walls No TV Transitional

This San Francisco home is houses a beautiful model transitional living room with white walls and no TV. Instead a giant full height abstract art covers the feature wall in the middle with windows on either side. A simple block coffee table and a mixture of furniture styles merge seamlessly with the carpeted grey floors. The art piece is the natural draw for the eyes but incidentally it also does not take away from the room but instead complements its color scheme nicely.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Leverone Design, Inc.}

12. Transitional Carpeted Living Room

In Denver you can discover this beautifully decorated and furnished transitional room with carpeted floor and a standard fireplace. The room also features beige walls interrupted by a stone fireplace with birch honed stone. Another notable feature of this room is the designer coffee table and the stardust colored cabinet. The addition of shelves on either side of the fireplace make ample space to showcase your valuable pieces and also for storage.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: mahmoodmehwish}

13. Large Transitional Formal

If you’re shopping for ideas on large transitional living room design then this example makes it easy to make your large room feel small and cosy. The floor is medium toned and brown adjacent to beige walls characterized by colorful abstract art. The fireplace steals the show and oddly has a shelf and cabinetry on only one side away from the main windows wall creating beautiful asymmetry. Open concept is always beautiful and with transitional, it doesn’t harm to cram much furniture in the space too.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Elms Interior Design}

14. Transitional Open Concept Dark Wood

This is an inspirational room for those who wish to o the open concept dark wooden way. The Miami home features white walls and dark wooden floors for the living room and a gorgeous chandelier with starry reclined lights in the backdrop. The couch is rare and beautiful against the stunning rug. The coffee table is custom and makes a feast for the eyes. A light fitting of this kind does wonders for high ceilings.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Pizzazz Interiors II LLC}

15. Painted Timber French Library

Check out this chic French inspired living room with painted timber windows and shutters. The designers here went for a lighter wood floor with grey walls and a standard stone fireplace to complete the immaculate room. The bookcase and ladder are custom made and so is the rail. Everything about this neat room is reminiscent of the Bling Large Chandelier by Robert a really popular collection. You can get creative with this artic pear light as it comes in a number of different sizes and is simply gorgeous.

Transitional Living Room Ideas

16. Modern Transition With Maximal Views

The structural design of this room is most remarkable with the extensive tear down and remodel that kept the original house intact and recreated a transitional marvel. The floor plan makes it a maximal view with extremely specific glazing to enhance the views. The designer marries elements of contemporary living with the charming world of antiques. The choice of energy efficient materials and reclaimed wood makes the architectural design sustainable and ecofriendly. The result is clean modern spaces with interjections of rustic elements, simply stunning.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Cornerstone Architects}

17. Huge Transitional Open Concept Black Floors

This exemplifies a large open concept black floored living room design with a media centers and standard fireplace. The gray walls fade away against the dark toned floors and even though the room features a music center, it does not have a TV set. The rug is also aesthetically useful and warm forming a base for the beige toned sofa with ample sitting area over 8’. This color is a cooler undertone for the Greige paint but we recommend a small patch test under your lighting conditions.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Martha O’Hara Interiors}

18. Transitional Dark Wood Inspiration

Our next room is a transitional dark wood floored living room remodel in Toronto with stark grey walls and a dark colored ceiling. Ebony stained maple flooring looks this chic against the colors of choices for this project. This room is quite high but the dark ceiling makes it feel less of that and cosier. In specific the ceiling color is charcoal from Kendall and the walls are Barren Plain with decorator’s white trimming. The light fixture and rug are also no way less exceptional.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jane Lockhart Interior Design}

19. Mid-Sized Transitional Formal Brown Flooring

This Bergen street residence in New York offers a nice example for mid-sized transitional forma living space with gray walls and a standard fireplace feature walls omitting a TV. The walls are coated with Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray HC-169 which lightens the shade a little bit with the ambient light. Other stunning pieces of this set are the sideboard and the buffet cabinet not to mention the Kravet bench called Palmeto with wooden legs.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: CWB Architects}

20. Inspiration For Transitional Painted Floor With Grey Walls

Here are fresh ideas for your next painted floor living room remodel. This is in London and the designer chose gray walls to go with beautiful painted wooden floors. The sofa fabric is also exceptional and matches easily with the Baghdad grey on the walls which is equally warm and appealing. Coffee tables with wheels are a borrow from industrial designs and looks great with this style too. The walls form a neutral background for the phenomenal sofa color and fabric choices.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Turner Pocock}

21. Mid-Sized Transitional Open Living

This mid-sized transitional open concept living room includes a formal dark wood toned floor with gray walls and omits fireplace and TV. Instead the feature wall is embedded with phenomenal cabinetries which are certainly custom made to fit. The hide layer up also adds ruggedness to the entire design and matches the sofa and general ambiance of the room. The light grey and white surroundings are mediated with floor deep brown by the worn fabric rug over the sitting area.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Freestyle Interiors}

22. Lovely Neutrals Yellow Grey Palette Launch

If you love neutrals then you will not resist this style for your next iteration of transitional decorating. The designer included bold pops of color to contrast the neutrality of the room. The design is launched on a gray and yellow palette and yet keeps the furnishings calm and serene. Many of the pieces used for this project are custom made including the upholstered furniture, drapery and millwork. The pops of sunshine yellow certainly add an interesting twist to the neutral color scheme.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jennifer Brouwer}

23. Funky And Fun Transitional Living Room

When you want to add some fun to your transitional living then juxtaposing colors is your ticket to freedom. This designer juxtaposed gray tones with brighter shades of yellow, green and orange creating a uniquely funky and fun living space with an organic feel. Framed white windows boost the views and the nature outside is thematically extrapolated to the chic interiors. The line between the indoor and the outside is blurred. The chandelier makes an impactful statement and stone fireplace is the main focal point in the room.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Ann Lowengart Interiors}

24. Inspiration For Large Medium Tone Wooden Floor

Here is another inspirational project for medium toned wood floor with beige walls and a mounted TV. This Calgary home also comes fitted with a stone fireplace and a stunning transitional style. The grey hues are calming and serene and will not wear you out any time soon. The rug is definitely Persian and can be sourced from any renowned supplier. The fireplace is an interesting masterpiece with slab for the façade and wooden trim painted over with emi-gloss.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design}

25. Sustainable Transitional Design

The designer Glynis Wood Interiors crafted this one time beautiful masterpiece which is arguably one of the most favorite houses on Houzz. It includes an Avedon coffee table with a sectional beige sofa and a full wall window in architecture. The house is a remodel extension preserving the original room giving rise to multifaceted architectural consideration. The room embraces an organic feel and features playful rustic elements throughout the vast living space.

Transitional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Cornerstone Architects}

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