25 Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

When it comes to eclectic designs the secret to stylish rooms is to pay attention to the proportion and composition. When a room is to include many disparate pieces then you need to pay special attention to these fundamentals of design so that each element feels part of a whole.

once you are are nearly done with collecting your various precious pieces comes the uphill task of properly placing each. Include so many pieces and improper placement and you will recreate the aftermath of a garage sale gone mad. That’s when you know you really need a designer.

The dramatic draperies must accent the room while the coffee and dining tables should be just present enough not to draw attention away from the spotlight. Here are some examples worth following for some inspiration.

1. Eclectic Living Room With White Walls

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: JayJeffers}

Don’t you just love what is going on in this whole space? We stumbled upon this work   and thought to start this list of top eclectic living rooms with this out of the box creation. From the tables and table glasses to the ceiling and light fixtures, it is absolutely divine. a useful addition is the small cream chair which looks like a one off. This clearly designed by someone who know their way around accessorizing and it is no wonder that we later discovered it was Jay Jeffers. Its a work of art.

2. Eclectic Painted Wooden Floor

{Design By: Turner Pocock}

This London designer chose to go with gray walls and painted floor with a savvy floor plan to transform this space into a colorful warm happy place. The material around the fireplace must be Honed black slate covering the interior stone and the hearth. the Coffee table is also a one off and seems exotic. This room is mighty small but looking at it with this arrangement it doesn’t seem like that at all.

3. Open Concept Dark Wood Floors

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Shannon Ggem Design}

Now let’s steal a glance at this fabulous boho treetop house in LA with an over dyed vintage red rug. The arm chair is that one piece of the puzzle that brings life to this tree house and its Italian so no surprise there. If you are out there and you really want a good sense of direction about what you want but you are sure it boho and tree house, then this should align you with your goals. You might have collectibles just waiting to be put together the right way and we will show you how to.

4. Concrete Floor Eclectic Living Room Library

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Daleet Spector Design}

This next set is a casual, cool and inviting library living room whose sophistication comes from utter simplicity. The blue chair stands out adds to the fun in the room much the same way the upright bicycle does. Light fixtures subtly delimit the sitting and dining area. While the block of curtain color part of a tonal blue green palette incorporating both hard and soft cabinetry, the use of same color on different parts make them feel a part of the whole. Additionally, the curtains color and fabric weighs in on the hard flooring and glass expanse making this room homely.

5. Red Brick Walls Eclectic

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Coveted Home}

We have this Kansas City home with red walls and eclectic makeover featuring a red brick wall native to the building which actually dates back to the 1850s. The velvet tufted sofa is a welcome addition for softness against the backdrop of the brick walled room. A designer should transform any room into a realization of the client’s wants and needs. Your room may not have as much character as this one but at least you know what you want and nothing is ever off the table.

6. Turkish Rug Mirrored Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: abcddesign}

You have got to love this room with the Turkish rug and high walls with a mirrored side. The wall is broken up so clearly you do not have to have giant mirrors floor to ceiling. A dash of red serves to warm this room and keeps the room cheerful as it were. Reflecting walls can work ,for traditional or modern eclectic looks depending on the flat decoration. It allows light to be bouncy and playful in the room while also offering a strong physical delimitation for the room.

7. White Walls Eclectic

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Deborah French Designs}

This has to be way up there in the list of most remarkably gorgeous couches you have seen. In fact every little detail about this room is outstanding. The sofa is the center of attraction in this room and is made from custom French mattresses on a u-shaped base. The light fixture is an antique from Italy and the eclectic mix of toss pillows is the perfect look for the backless built-in sofa unit. Custom cushions are a a bit pricier than standard 17 inch square cushions but they open up a world of possibilities.

8. Sea Inspired Eclectic Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Rizzoli New York}

This sea inspired room design is by Annie Kelly for a New York home and it doesn’t include a TV. Among the notable features of the home is the carpet matching with the blue pots and blue dotted pillows. This contemporary sea captain’s haven is made to be fun and heavily maritime themed. If you love the sea and you are partial to antiques, this is a look you will love recreating in your personal space. This room is ruled by the central sofa with its majestic blue hues accented by bright whites. The antiques are grouped well into clusters around the room creating a world of adventure with the sea theme.

9. Small Living Room Library Model

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Nestdecorating}

Next, we visit this tiny but chic and inspirational living room and library model in Burlington featuring white walls and a fabulous little coffee table. The chair seems perfect for conversation and study or reading. The room puts on an intimate and welcoming vibe with a warm and plush perfect for enjoying a cup of tea and enjoying your reading. It looks comfy and feminine with pillows thrown over the chair and you rely can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers to showcase to your book club members.

10. Hardwood Flooring Eclectic

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Amber Flooring}

This San Francisco house is homey and welcoming with the expansive wooden floors with sectional seating arrangements. The flooring is actually pre-finished engineered Afromosia with the UV oil finish. The material comes in square edge boards that give the room a modern eclectic look and feel. And what’s not to love about a sunken sofa pit? This sunken area give the room an intimate and super social vibe. Just the same not every house will readily accept this modification because you need to delve into the basement a little.

11. Loft Style Eclectic Living

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Photo By: Kaity}

Now check this loft styled living room idea with a special grand rapid style with the multicolor wall paints. When you are color blocked and you don’t know your way out then you can shake up a family photo grid making use of a blend of solid colors. Canvas printed photos are better in aesthetics for this project compared to framed ones.

12. Fashionable Grey Walls Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Nichole Loiacono Design}

Inspiration for small living rooms with a large window is to find in a lot of places but this is exceptionally good. This room has a light wood floor and energetic grey walls adjacent to the fluffy soft fur rug. The chairs are vintage pieces salvaged and repainted to custom fit the room. Not to mention the dining table and chairs are insanely beautiful. Small Living spaces also deserve looking spacious and stylish. This is for you if you are managing a small space and still want to make an impression with fashion.

13. Key-Lime Sofa Centerpiece Eclectic Living

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Charlesluck}

This space reveals some design secrete that can be used to temper a bold key-lime sofa to accent its features and magnify its presence with the help of a little contrast with the piping around the pillows and frame. This is further aided by the transparent coffee table which lightens the visual load keeping focus on the sofa still. On the other hand, the rich and neutral wall color states boldness and supported and grounded in a skillful design statement. The subtle geometric patterns make the room majestic without which the room would be duller than desired.  Even these do not take away from the main event in the room.

14. Black and Navy Elegant Living Room Library Design

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Lucid Interior Design Inc}

We now take a quick detour to this elegant living room and library in Toronto that features black walls and a standard fireplace with tile. The idea of putting a drum shade around your chandelier gives the fixture an updated look and can certainly be an addition to your current piece. This is the idea brought to life on how lighting could change the mood of the room significantly more than any other factor. Lighting should complement the warm glow of your fireplace and dimmer switches are a functional addition to control the ambience of any room. Even a black one when we all know difficult it can be to decorate for Gothic vibes.

15. Living Room Library White Walls With Standard Fireplace

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Horton & Co. Designers}

This Sydney Living room embodies the standard library and living room combo with a standard fireplace model. The rolling library ladder kit is a special addition to the set and makes a custom statement on its own merit. The place is masculine but also amplifies feminine chic vibes. The ample sofa space comes in handy for movie night and other occasions and smaller coffee table saves infinite space. This is actually a smaller room than it appears to be.

16. Chesterfield Sofa Eclectic Living

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: abcddesign}

Chesterfield sofas are a gorgeous addition to any room for sitting furniture and decorative pieces. This is made even more fun to look at by the amazing hardwood flooring. The rug looks exotic and Turkish to be specific and the large window makes the room light up nicely for a lively appearance by day. The transparent table ensures that it does not overwhelm the visual load or take away from the rug and sofas. Noting carefully, every piece has something that ties it to the rest of the room.

17. Beige Walls and Mounted TV Eclectic

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Pamela Pennington Studios}

This San Francisco home is an example for how to a suspended wall cabinet and mounted TV could look alongside your electric fireplace. The TV is mounted on a standard wall mount bracket and can extend from the wall or swivel as desired.  Pegs can be used in drilled holes to ensure that the TV is firmly anchored for solid support for its weight plus the bracket and any other external strain. Here the cabling disappears in the wall making the TV appear to be another picture frame on the wall.

18. High Contrast Floral Living Room Eclectic

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc}

Florals are the alternative way to go if you do not like stripes. They are so much more complicated in the curving patterns and bring out a more natural and wild feeling. This high contrast room is accented by a mix of a white slipcovered sofa and floral pillows that give it a colorful vibrancy. The flowers enliven the themes and the decorative pieces on the table are a notable addition. The fiery background makes a bold and bright statement giving this room a bold and bright mood

19. Feature Wall Eclectic

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Adrienne DeRosa}

A feature wall can evidently set the tone for an apartment wall. When you have seemingly infinite stark wall space to work with then this gallery and art display should make good us of it. You can have our minds desperately searching for a sense of symmetry in the way the art is hang with no success. This gives the room an organic feel. The wide array of styles and origins also makes it a bit of a thrilling adventure for the mind. It might seem like a very daunting task at first but it is very easy to shake up something and fit it in perfectly.

20. Chocolaty Eclectic Library Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.}

We loved the chocolate taste in this one; it’s simply a beautiful choice of color to match personal preferences. The fireplace is a valor portrait fireplace and comes in eight fronts.  The black in the floors, TV the adjacent wall and shelves unify the various parts of the room. This goes to show how you can get away with darker shades only when you do not want too much reflection in the room. The TV is barely noticeable over the fireplace because the designer uses black to fade it into the woodwork.

21. Coral Blue Walls Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Anna Lattimore Interior Design}

Check out this next formal living room ideal with blue walls and a comfy little sofa with starfish coral themed pillows.  The Pink table shouts in front of the cream couch and golden vintage chairs on either side or the black and white layer up. The beauty of the coral pillows and coffee table coordinate properly with the adjacent walls. The fiery orange is loud against the bold turquoise wall paint. This design shows clear thinking and purposeful placement upon closer inspection of the seemingly random collection.

22. Moroccan Themed Eclectic Room Design

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Deborah French Designs}

This room features an unusual use of iron cast for columns which the designer takes advantage of to bring out the original beauty of the building paying homage to the design. The Old cast iron color is boosted with a bit of brown and turquoise to smooth the hundred year old iron supports. The orate and plush furniture choice seem delicate and pricey and so this might not be the best pick for you on a short leash budget. However, if you are on a budget and you still find this Moroccan flair irresistible you can easily source a few cheap Moroccan poufs and rug to the room.

23. Welcoming Kitchen Sitting Area

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: CIH Design}

As a bonus, this shows a kitchen sitting area that just draws you in for a cup of something warm and an intimate conversation. This chandelier and rustic fixtures is an unexpected move for kitchen decor and will create a special visual tension and a dynamic space. The organic stone fireplace is posed against a room with elegant draperies and an opulent traditional fabric.

24. Mid-sized Wood Toned Floor Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Joi}

When it comes to eclectic designs the secret to stylish rooms is to pay attention to the proportion and composition. When a room is to include so many disparate pieces then you need to pay special attention to these fundamentals of design so that each element feels part of a whole. When you are dealing with this many pieces improper placement could take after a garage sale gone insane. Thanks to the skillful hands it’s well balanced and on point. The dramatic draperies are a deep accent for the sofa and the coffee and dining tables are just present enough not to draw attention away from the zebra stripe carpet.

25. Tiny Studio Apartment Eclectic Living

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Nichole Loiacono Design}

This St Louis home with its inviting grey walls and medium tone wood flooring is our next feature. The light fixture is eye catching as well as the zebra stripped ad floral pillow mix on the straightforward sofa. People often shy away from mixing pillows and this should inspire you to break the unwritten rule.  This room has a unique eclectic feel with a slight touch of retro.

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