20 Traditional Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Laid back, inviting, comfortable and cozy are some of the adjectives that you can use to describe a rustic living room design. Somehow we are always comfortable with something that is aged and proven and hence the ever-growing love of homeowners and a decorators and homeowners for traditional and rustic decorating ideas.

Rustic designs not mean old and dilapidated. Instead you can have a chick traditional or modern design element to deliver stylish rooms that transform any ordinary home into a relaxing retreat of your own making. The best part is that the designs can be had for a little sum of money and little pain in the way of hassle to get it done.

How to Identify Rustic Styled Living Rooms

It may be a cottage, farmhouse, cabin or townhouse and even if you are constructing and you home creating a rustic look is rather easy. It is true however that to achieve rustic looks you might need a mixture of textures and materials that look like they have taken a beating. Natural materials as a common denominator with weathered wooden beams and Stone fireplace surrounds being a must have.

By The Furniture

Rugs are cozy and the more layered the better. The same case applies the sofas and chairs with the choice of fabric tending towards warm greys browns and any other neutral and relaxing color palette. The trifecta of any rustic living room furniture is a comfortable sofa, curl-up-in cheers and a unique coffee table all of which seem to be inviting for a cup of tea and some snacks. All of these items are connected by choice of fabric texture and colors without necessarily trying to mix match everything.

Here is some 20 best juicy pieces of rustic dreamy living rooms for your amusement and inspiration. We hope you find one that you really like and implement.

1. Rustic Modern Furnishings

When you want to achieve ultimate sophistication with a rustic home design, you want to keep things straight and narrow. That is what the designers of this inspirational living room remodel went for with the large Integrity doors and windows. The Home feels candid and with ample living space thanks to the expansive views and sitting area. The hints of modernity such as the TV easily disappear behind the rustic looks of the other decor, furnishings and the warm aged wood ceiling. The charming checked fabric boasts of clean lines and tailored shapes as well as overstuffed upholstery.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Marvin}

2. An Outside-In Approach

Perhaps the great views of the mountainous landscape beyond are the main lure to this awesome interior design on two levels of wall. What better way to give a room a rustic feel than with the careful and intricate sculpture of Mother Nature and her elements over hundreds of thousands of years? The Montana Ski house is clearly a landmark in the New York Rustic styled Living rooms scene with its majestic huge open concept forma slate floors with multicolored patches. The wood finishes are precise and the reclaimed beams are Alder.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.}

3. Warm Wood Ceiling

The Gate House in Minneapolis is our next detour in pursuit of sophisticated rustic designs. While this sophisticated living room has a ceiling made from the repurposed and restored wood from a 1860’s barn, it has the rustic vibe that we all desire for any modern living room. The windows and doors also made of pine timbers from 18th century wood. When you want dark wood for your living room then this is a great idea to pursue. It even comes with a unique stone fireplace and a sailing art piece over it adding to the overwhelming rustic charm of the place.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Murphy & Co. Design}

4. Natural Stone Fireplace

Next we have this unique and lovely living room featuring a large stone fireplace and an antique chandelier that contributes much of the odd lure of the place. A square pattern for the rug over the medium toned wood floor looks out of place but easily blends into the colors of the room. The wood and stone combination is oddly warm and the plant does add life to the room instantly. The cocktail table is a repurposed old mining cart with the top refinished and is magical in the backdrop of the custom built masonry fireplace.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Peace Design}

5. Top-To-Bottom Texture

The secret to achieving such an inviting room is the top-to-bottom texture gotten just right from the ceiling to the floors. That rug has to have the biggest role after the majestic fireplace and crafty ceiling. The room has views in every direction including the wooden canoe that throws the audience overboard. The walls are adorned in Benjamin Moore Spice Gold which makes it a darling for the eyes. The designers specifically mixed grades of cedar for the ceiling to achieve the dramatic effect in a fairly simple way. The rock on its part is the mixture of the Cabinet gorge and Mossy Rock for a similar effect.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Hendricks Architecture}

6. Aged Natural Materials

Still in the market for Rustic living spaces? The secret is surround your space with aged natural materials resulting in pure rustic beauty. This gorgeous room features reclaimed wood beams for the ceiling and some interesting furniture as well. It features beige walls and a standard fireplace. The cushion matches the base made out of reclaimed posts for the unique sofa and all you have to do is throw in some pillows and wahla! Much of the features of this room are quite unexpected and that is a great thing.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Don Ziebell}

7. Rustic Architectural Salvage

This is a decorative architectural marvel for an open concept living room with standard fireplace with extra-ordinary stone surround. Much of the décor for this room is salvage and the chippy nature of the wood and window frames adds a unique rustic lure to the space. The direction of the wood grain on the flooring matches that of the ceilings perfectly, a little strange especially given the same stain color. The drapes are custom fabric treated and also look exceptionally good.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Johnson Architecture}

8. Rustic Wood Furnishings

Just a single signature piece is enough to set the tone for your rustic Living room. This medium toned wood floored living room is an example of that with its rustic light fixture. Te designer preferred wood surround for the entire cabin and even trimming the trim and paneling. Reclaimed barn wood is used here but it was first conditioned by wire brush treatment. This knocks off the lose splinters. Whatever the seal they used here doesn’t seem to have an effect on the original color of the material.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Peace Design}

9. Warm Wood Surround

Nothing sets that rustic feel than warm wood surround especially when it’s dark and weathered. This Grandview farm house is the best rustic takeaway from Burlington with a stone fireplace and those sturdy structural beams hooked with iron for the trusses. The cowhide traditional ottoman is a distinctive piece worth highlighting. The lighting in this room seems divine because it is exactly matched to the geo location of the house and its orientation to the surroundings. Of course the goal is to offset the woody feeling with some whites and off-whites for a neutral feel.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Cushman Design Group}

10. Mountain Style Medium Tone Wood Floor

When you are ready, hold that paintbrush and stain the heck out of your wood. If you want, you can just seal the wood shiplap wall to give your room a wonderful new look and feel without ruining the rustic vibe of the wood. It’s like wood and warmth go hand in hand and spell the rustic vibes needed for a breakthrough in this style of decorations. This room has the perks of being in an old styled building with super high walls and owners who have a great taste in rustic leather chairs.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: JLF & Associates, Inc.}

11. Rustic Open Concept Living Room with Beige Walls

Next we take a look at this award winning Lake Travis residence with beige walls and an open concept floor plan. The couch seems exotic with a leather feel for a fabric. And looks chic against the complex hue of the sophisticated walls. The fan looks at home in the web of wooden beam as that do not in any way seem to be a structural part of the building. This coffee table also gives off an industrial vibe and gives the room a simple elegant feel.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Design Visions of Austin}

12. Rustic Dark Wood Floor Ranch Style Living Room

This home was a remodel upsizing from a 5000 sq ft space to a whopping 16000 sq ft down in Sal lake city. It features dark wooden flooring and complex white walls and an open concept showcasing two levels. The timber trusses are integral part of the original building and are only aesthetically detailed for the remodel. Of course that doesn’t lock anyone out of this sweet masterpiece as you can recreate the same look with purely aesthetic framework. It will take a good carpenter to achieve the rustic look but it is not undoable nonetheless.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Phillips Development}

13. Modern Log Cabin with Exclusive Lake Views

Rustic hardly means old and that is evident from this gorgeous room with magnificent views. For the first time we see huge glass walls and doors and neat modern themed furnishings alongside a retro sofa with neat vertical and horizontal lines. There is also a solid wood picnic bench right in the middle of the room which invites the great outdoors into the room. The inviting views of the lake are the unique character of this room from all views and also the delicate balance of natural materials and custom amenities. This room feels comfortable and spacious just as the sweet outdoors just beyond the threshold.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Uptic Studios}

14. Light Wood Floors with Red Walls and a Stone Fireplace

If you need inspiration for a living room remodel to include red walls and stone fireplace then this here set will surely be on your list of top properties to borrow an idea or two from. The color appears to be quite similar to fading twilight by Benjamin Moore and yes this is also terra cotta tile from the same place. The beams and doors have a matching warm color which really brightens the room other than the velvety textures. This room really stands out for the bold choice of textures and colors throughout its entirety.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: gioia}

15. Mountain Style Living Room with Corner Fireplace and Panoramic Views

Check out this next great inspiration for those seeking to revive an ancient building with a cathedral structured ceiling and super large windows. This Mountain style cabin home has the perks of luxury home thanks to the overstuffed, paprika, red sofa and the rustic coffee table and other elements with wood ambiance. The corner fireplace doesn’t take away from the designer and the TV mounted hints of modernity. The giant window wall rather than the TV becomes the automatic focal point in the room which is warm and inviting as far as the colors and textures go.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: ID Studio Interiors}

16. Mountain Style Living Is A Great Way to Maximize the Views on the Window Wall

The sectional is spacious and is a custom make to order with good fabric and color to match the room. Whatever they are, they make enormous pieces with plenty of room for family and company. Hand made products can run gamut but it is not always that you have to break the bank to get the best handcrafted furniture. Overall, this room is roomy and can easily host a large group with plenty of room to spare. That is partly thanks to the minimalist and open concept planning for amenities throughout the room without emphasis on demarcations.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Locati Architects}

17. Mountain Style with Gray Flooring and White Walls

The Zen residence is yet another architectural and design marvel featuring a formal and open concept living with gray wood flooring. The walls are stark white reminiscent of Scandinavian living rooms and it has the same brightness and airiness. The rug is a remarkable addition to the set with its simplicity, thinness and textured look. This is the mountain styled forma open concept approach that seeks to give the room a bright angelic liveliness far from its dead grey flooring. The lighting looks stunning against the stained beams.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Locati Architects}

18. Ranch Style Rustic Living Room

Airy backdrops with rustic vibes are some of the coolest rooms to flaunt without having to settle for dark and grumpy old rooms. It doesn’t have to feel like a museum either for it to pass off as rustic and retro vibe. You can easily get that rustic twist by installing something like a stucco fireplace with a wooden mantel and some layers of materials that seem to have taken a serious beating. The storm Mountain Ranch House in Denver is an iconic building and living room in the realm of rustic masterpieces built and styled to turn back the time.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Paddle Creek Design}

19. Natural Wood Surround Rustic Design

Sometimes you need to go all out with your paintbrush and stain that wooden shiplap in order to bring back the good old days on your rustic room design. It’s the wooden feel that really completes the experience for a look and feel that is honestly from another time. Rustic is the other name for cozy and the backdrop of neutral and settling colors that will not have get tired of seeing your new home. That does not however limit you from flaring up some pretty colors on your pillows such as varying blues and greens.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Copper Leaf Interior Design Studio}

20. Lake View Rustic Living Room Design

With this inspirational Minneapolis home, we can call it a wrap for the top rustic living room designs for this post. Fortunately, this room makes a good example of how rustic does not mean boring and dark. The room has an airy atmosphere with spacious amenities and shiny clean surfaces with pure natural feel of wood. That fireplace has to share much of the credit for this stellar decor with t the sofa and chandelier choices. The room also comes with a TV stand at the far end which is a curious addition for rustic designs.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Big Wood Timber Frames, Inc.}

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