20 Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

Perhaps you do not have the luxury of a great big apartment or an infinite financial budget for your home makeover but you are sure that you want to be getting a traditional look and feel. Whether your great room and family are large or small, with simple design interventions you can make the living space available in your home serve you perfectly and feel just right. Traditional is certainly the way to go when you want to play the nostalgia card on your guests and make the most of flea market cheap collectible antiques. Also contrary to popular belief, antique furniture does not necessarily mean old and dusty.

How to spot traditional interiors

With a good eye you can spot a traditional interior from the moment you step or peer into the room. The style follows a continuous pattern where everything matches much of everything else in the room and spells elegance and class.


The color scheme is also pretty complex with beige and brown being the most common shade with slight variations here and there. One element of a traditional styling that you must never miss is the rug which tends to be easily distinguishable by the patterns. The very presence of a rug is an indicator of traditional taste since they have slowly been phased out of modern homes. Traditional rugs feature warm colors and intricate patterns.


A good traditional design also incorporates the use of robust furniture like sofas and upholstered chairs. These serve the purpose of warming the room and making it inviting and enjoyable to spend time in. other features include ceiling molding, ceiling roses and other elegant accessories. There is a whole stash of items you can use to set your traditional vibe alive including wall décor and light fixtures such as chandeliers and pedant lamps.

Traditional living room cost?

Whatever you decide to do remember it is not about spending a fortune on your interior décor. It’s rather about making the right design calls to make the room most cosy and useful for you and your loved ones. Always decorate with user experience in mind. That is why we applaud your effort to look this style up with us before you go buying random pieces without the bigger picture of how it all fits in.

Below are 20 examples you need to inspire your stylish furnished living room that will impress and comfort you. Take a look!

1. Large Living Room Wood Beamed Design

This North Shore Playground with dark wooden beamed architectural design features tempered light wall and paneled glass windows with a classic theme. In this large room has a traditional feel in furnishing that has stood the hand of time and hail from a different era. Check to see how the abundant decor is neatly tucked into the design so as not to appear cluttered. Each piece is carefully selected and controlled to compose a large and elegant enclosed dark wood floored living room that can be used for benchmark on lavish traditional living rooms.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Wade Weissmann Architecture}

2. Medium Tone Wood Floor With Beige Walls

The owner of this Charlotte home chose an elegant traditional setup with brown flowing and sophisticated beige walls. The fireplace has real stone and helps to put together that retro vibe with a real organic setup. The designer takes advantage of the space on either side of this iconic fireplace to install some built-in shelves and in turn create room to display some interesting art pieces. The simple rug anchors the space and the classic furniture is also a skillful addition for the pure traditional look.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Voigt & Co}

3. Historic Traditional Living Room

In the heart of Boston is this passionate interior decor done by Michael Carter who is one of the most sophisticated antique designers we have around. His ability to bring some fresh insights to historic pieces is astounding. This is one of the most remarkable pieces by the designer which truly puts you in a time machine without having to visit a museum. These traditional looks are meant to respect the past in a stylish way and yet function for contemporary living.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Carter & Company}

4. Large Formal Open Concept

This oak interior hill traditional living room in Metro DC has a formal traditional design with wooden tones and brown floor living room. It makes a good case study for enthusiast of traditional styled furniture. You can choose a piece at a time and create your own unique look without breaking a sweat. This is where you have to use your imagination and ingenuity or else hire a good designer who know what to look for in order to bring your dream home to being.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Oak Hill Building & Remodeling}

5. Classic Open Concept Formal

When you need a living room and home that is able to grow with your expanding family’s needs then this classic formal open concept will do. With this floor plan and choice of simple straight forward and functional decor and furnishing you are going to have an easier time adding or removing from the room to create space for amenities. This Kansa City home features bright beige walls and a standard fire place and a stone fireplace. The wood floor looks at home in the vicinity.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: L Marie Interior Design}

6. Mid-Sized Timeless Formal Open Concept Living

In need of yet another retro room design that will ultimately stand the test of time? This Alpharetta, GA residence is it for you. The theme for this one is timelessness and formal concept with medium toned wood floor and brown flooring featuring stone fireplace and no visible TV. As a whole the room is gorgeous and the furniture and plants in front of the window look so good together. A mirror over the fireplace instead of a TV set is an even better avoidance of guilt for traditionalists.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Regas Interiors}

7. Elegant Living Room With TV Over Mantel

Your traditional themed living room should be decorated for your own personal taste and preference. if you want to have a TV included you must have a TV included This model home in features a contemporary fireplace design with a black faced surround which easily matches the digital TV with concealed cabling right above it. The sleek design is notably unique. Sometimes the traditional room of choice is a little more than antiques but a reflection of the style preferences of the client namely; you.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Arthur Rutenberg Homes / Ethics Construction Co.}

8. Timeless Traditional Remodel

You probably already know what you want in a traditional themed home. This St. Louis living room vignette inspires a timeless gorgeous piece with oriental lure. When you are sure this is the style you want to go with then the next step is to examine some magazines and catalogs to see which you like. Most designers will go for a mix match of traditional furniture rather than purchasing a furniture suite. This creates a unique and welcoming room that has character, like this room where he china takes center stage in the decor.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Amy Studebaker Design}

9. Beige Walls Traditional Styled Living Room

This Atlanta beige walled room is the crowning jewel of the River Dune’s Captain’s House featuring standard fireplace with no TV and sophisticated wall color. The floor plan is simple making room with the placement of a bench by the fireplace adding more seating. The special lighting fixtures in the room emphasize warmth and richness of the interior decor and furnishings. Few of the pieces decorating this room are flashy and colorful making it neutral and comfy without being overwhelming.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Historical Concepts}

10. Lake Front Timeless Formal Open Living

This lake front property is a timeless forma open space that is inspiration for country decoration and cozy medium sized living room with simple concept. The setup is dare we say, romantic like an English cottage with handcrafted furnishings and fabrics. This room is by Resort Custom Homes and puts together organic wooden floors with large windows for great views and bright lighting by day. Even with the TV, admittedly it is still pretty traditional with the pleasures of modern living.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Markalunas Architecture Group}

11. Mid-Sized Traditional Formal Open Concept Dark Wood

There literary can’t be better color to go with for this setup than accessible beige. This forma concept dark wood toned floors living room also features special stonework for lining the tile fireplace. The furniture is partly antique and partly modern and that rug is something else. the coffee table draw quite some attention given its one-off appearance and it’s also hand for placing the vases given that it has ample space on top. When you are decorating for a larger room, this Jacksonville home should set a pace for you.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Cottage Home Company}

12. Touch Of Europe Office

It’s not always about getting fancy furniture and generally spending a huge fortune on decor. It’s not about the designer’s name either. The most important consideration after the financial investment that you are putting to your home is the imagination for a pleasant space to live day by day with your loved ones. It should also be a space you are proud to show and entertain your guest sending the right message about your status and preferences. Perhaps you need to follow this example before you buy furniture suites that will not actually fulfill your space and utility requirements.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Imagine Design}

13. Elegant Traditional Living Grey floor

A stylish well-furnished room will take some investment and the careful eye of a trained expert to put together. That said, if you have a good eye for detail, do not be afraid to put your armature skills to work. After all, it’s all for your benefit that you are looking to hire a reputable designer. First determine that you want the traditional style of decorating and then you can slowly begin to acquire the knowledge and pieces that bring make it all possible.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Noellemicek Interiors}

14. Office And Bookcases Wood

If you are looking to be impressed then this living room makes a point even for top experts. It is stylish as the designer opts for contrast spaces within the room. This room therefore offers a great place to start when in need of inspiration for a traditional collection to furnish your living space. The simplicity is always a key aspect of traditional styles so that the room does not feel like a garage or graveyard for old furniture. The distinction between traditional and old is well brought out in this example. The rich wood for the cabinetry and the brighter floors make this traditional home feel much warmer and authentic.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Webber Coleman Woodworks}

15. Open Concept Dark Wood With Grey Walls

This metro DC home is an excellent example of pen concept traditional styling with dark brown wooden floors and light grey-ish walls. The height of the room stands out and so do the light fixtures. Accents include the rug, the table pieces and other rare items. The room is might large and the high ceiling makes it feel even more luxuriant. The large windows break down the interior of the room with the mellow ambient light and insolation on the sofa is artistic. Window walls add elegance and style to almost any room regardless of its size and contents.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Park Bradley Homes}

16. Large Classic Enclosed Living Room

Light colored wooden floors, beige walls and standard fireplace with elegant stone work are some notable features of this enclosed living room. The room is furnished to feel warm and welcoming including the custom pillows and other great decor pieces professionally placed. The exact color on the walls is Farrow and the stone is Oxford. Vaulted ceilings are ideal for some certain design styles and this is one of them. You can add some interesting light fixtures and it also permits high windows without necessary having to build incredibly high walls.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Celia Welch Interiors}

17. Large Traditional Open Concept Formal Dark Wood

Check out this large award winning parade home in Salt Lake City that includes a dark toned wooden floor with beautiful stonework for the fireplace and a wall mounted TV. The stonework makes us of three stones creating a unique blend of organic rock amazing to look at. The color choices of grey and white offer only mild contrast which settling for the entire room. The entrance or exit becomes another centerpiece after the fireplace with shelving on the side.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Alair Homes – Salt Lake}

18. Custom Basement Makeover

When it comes to making a basement livable, it is the lighting that makes the most difference. The window near the ceiling on one side of the room is amazingly enough to fill the entire room with ambient light and make the room feel higher than it actually is. The wooden beam on the ceiling adds an organic twist to the tile floored living room with opulent metallic wall décor. Talk of making a space livable and enjoyable, this is the least expected space in the building to find such lavish comfort and will be impressive.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Pinney Designs}

19. Neutral Hued Furnishings Formal Dark Wood Traditional

This Indianapolis home is styled differently with special textures for custom fabric and printed rugs. The selection of neutral hued furnishings makes the living space feel cozy, stylish and abode. The project is by a Carmel interior design company, Everything Home Interior which also serves Indianapolis among other areas. The window wall obviously helps to chop up the dull colors in the room and add some unique vibrancy without being too much. Stripped sofas always stand out and feel welcoming and this particular one is created by a trade line only brand.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Everything Home}

20. Elegant Formal Dark Wood Grey Walls

Last but hardly the least pleasing in our list of our amazing traditional styled living rooms to benchmark is this Philadelphia home with grey walls and standard stone work for the fireplace. The furniture choices are most interesting and the floor plan saves most of the space for a minimalistic feel. The layer up merges the color scheme of the feature wall to the adjacent dark brown flooring. This table is by Schnadig and Lucas which you can acquire for this or any other project of your choosing.

Traditional Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Mary Cook}

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