20 Traditional Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

Ever wondered what makes a beach home so breathtaking? Well, whether you can’t afford the beach vacation this year or you already own your breezy beach style home, we will help you get around to decorating and getting the ambience right for a day at the beach without setting foot outside your House. So if Mohammed can’t go to the mountain he can bring the beach to his living room! And the best part is that it is as easy as they come and can easily go well with any home and be custom tailored for any style of home and with your favorite color palette. Yes! Beach is so many more colors than just blue and wipes for the sun and shelly matter.

Decorating Like the Beach

Beach homes look breathtaking because the oceanic ambience is irresistible for many people. If you have been bit by that oceanic bug are you recently acquired a costal home and you’re wondering how to make it more like your own we have some coastal living room ideas that you can borrow a leaf from.

Identifying Coastal Living Rooms

You know it’s costal styled because it looks and feels like the ocean sand and airiness over there at the beach. Colors are not restricted by generally people will use accessories like starfish bowls and shells. Paintings of the ocean itself or sandy beaches are also common creating a flare in the room. Many people forget that even though the ocean is blue there is a rich bounty of submarine life living amongst the corals where there is a whole world of colors ranging from pinks and reds to black.

Another common addition to coastal living room decor is ocean sunsets with their beautiful display of colors and paint streak across the sky with a reflection on the water. A palm tree has become the universal symbol for the beach and the serenity of the seafront environment. People will even go further to tickle your excitement with candles that smell just like the ocean bringing alive your beach home on a whole new dimension. Generally blues greens and tans are the main accents you want to create that relaxing vibe.

1. Spruce of Color Beach Fun

Sometimes a beach house is about feeling creative with your color palette. This Beach House has a blue accent color along with a bust of other floral and beaming colors. The start to grey layer rug against the white walls absorb some of the color neutralizing the room. Blue color has that relaxed breezy beach feel that reminds of crystal clear ocean Waters and marine life. The abstract art ads a hold of other colors that are much fun too.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Rachel Reider Interiors}

2. Modest Traditional Coastal Living Room

If you’re here for inspiration on a small coastal open concept living room featuring medium tone wood floor and blue walls with white trims then this is for you. That fireplace looks majestic with its stone-lined inside and white mantle. It is slab top with wood surround for the hearth. These wicker air chairs are also warm and inviting not to mention unusual. Sea grass furniture is really cool if you want to bring out that special beach theme. Also check out the pottery Barn glass coffee table which is pretty cool.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Mahoney Architects & Interiors}

3. Enclosed Medium Tone Wood Flooring

This beach house in Portland Maine is an example of an enclosed medium tone stain wood floor with white walls and a stone fireplace plus a wall mounted TV. These sofas are lovely about this home and take after the collection by crafts master by Paula Deen Lillian. The windows are obviously Marvin and the color is Benjamin Moore’s decorators white used for the trims and the wolves to. The semi-gloss version is used for the standing and running trim and then there is eggshell white on the walls. The blue cream color scheme and this room makes it perfect for a holiday getaway and also non tiring for long-term stay.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Bowley Builders}

4. Beach Style Open Concept

This dolphin terrace home in Los Angeles was designed and built by Spinnaker development. It is a perfect example of which style open concept living room designs for high-end homes. This room is a living example about how beach style is more about the feeling than about the color palette. Even with lots of grey and dull colors this room still feels breezy and relaxed like being on a vacation at the beach. The couches custom and you might be lucky to find a listing for the light fixture at Z Gallery of Crystorama Eclipse.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Spinnaker Development}

5. Gray Walled Beach Style Living Room

Next we have this Jacksonville home with a small but chic minimalist design and I carefully placed ladder. This little room invites for surf thanks the giant surfboard hanging over the door. The color scheme is also relaxed thanks in part to the sandy off-white backdrop and shells detail. The wooden grey walls for a rustic vibe in the room aided by the grey layer up rug. Which style is supposed to be easy and breezy and so there is no reason for a small home like this one ought to look lavish and partake in the Elegance of beach homes.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Starr Sanford Design}

6. Beach Style Dark Wood Flooring

This next formal beach house in Charlotte features white walls as standard fireplace and dark toned wooden flooring. Living on the beach is a fun idea and truly realise the problem of sand getting tracked in and causing a huge pain cleaning the furniture. To make cleaning your sofas easier, you might want to consider using those with removable cloth as in above. Also while rugs add a layer of comfort they can be a pain to clean and get rid of sand and therefore you should consider a thin textured rug and leave much of the floor uncovered.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Ally Whalen Design}

7. Light and Airy

This large cost of formal open-concept living room features a wooden floor but also an amazing light and bright set up while still honoring grey. Cancel the standard fireplace and a mounted television which is typical of Boston homes. The black border slate tile around the fireplace looks pristine against the grey background. The coffee table is a standout piece which is the custom made using Simute Sisal Gray. The wall behind the TV features a shiplap creating a nautical room which is befitting for the summer home

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Carolyn Thayer interiors}

8. Beige Walled Beach Style Open Concept Design

This is another Spinnaker development project in LA with an amazing window wall covering the full length of the room. This outside-in approach to designing and implementing a room always wins by bringing the outdoors inside. The model is perfect for a beach house not to mention the text you on that couch is one special thing. That entire window has to worry anyone concerned about their energy bills except when implemented well with thermal broken design solutions.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Spinnaker Development}

9. Large Formal and Closed Beach Style Design

This next example is that of a formal and enclosed medium tone wood floor living room with gray walls and no TV. This one color closely resembles is Sherwin Williams comfort Gray with Sherwin-Williams creamy (SW 7012) for the trims. This combination brings out all the other colors clean and crisp. The floor comes without a stain and the material is antique heart pine.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: SGA Architecture}

10. Cheerful Beach Style Home on a Neutral Pallete

This interior design by Martha O’Hara interiors is a great inspiration for coastal living rooms showcasing just how a grey world living room can be livened up with bright hits of Coral and red. Well big style orphan adopts the colors of sand and the sea people often forget that they are lies beneath the surface of the water a world of colorful creations that’s spur much fun and creativity. However in this bold and beachy room the pinks and red are reminiscent of corals which liven the room and add a bit of tropical fun

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Martha O’Hara Interiors}

11. Mid-Sized Coastal Living Designs

This beach home in Orange County is looking on lavish thanks to the sophisticated beige walls and central fireplace with elegant nautical work. The setup is complemented nicely by the frames seashells art which is also custom made for this home. The room is not complete without the elegant furniture for complete lovely look. The wall color is your blood by Dunn-edwards well the ceilings are done in whisper white by Dulux which is in semi-gloss. We love the fabric on the cartoons as it complements the color scheme in this house perfectly.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Brandon Architects, Inc.}

12. Large Coastal Living Room with Media Wall

If you are dealing with a larger coastal living room remodel then you might want to consider this example with a standard fireplace and the media wall. The Karastan broadloom edged rug is a clever addition to the neutral color scheme of the house where everything else seems to be custom-made. That Indonesian pedestal table really stands out as does the fabric for the sofa. The wall color is linen white with the white trims.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt}

13. Shades of Beige Beach Style Design

Check out this example open concept living room in Miami with grey flooring and beige walls. Which style can vary from place to place depending on the lighting conditions and the geographic orientation of the room? Typically the farther North you go the easier it is to use darker shades of grey. His Miami home incorporates a special shade of beige for a cool and muted railway station of the beach living style. This sophisticated world color along with the warm wouldn’t feel of the floors are quite breezy during the day and warm by night.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.}

14. Red and White Coastal Living Room

This living room in Orange county blends whites and reds with a warm medium tone wooden floor but still manages to look calm and collected. The cool and calm collected look defines most beach house living rooms with wooden accents. It’s a classic architectural design but still manages an elegant and welcoming look for a relaxed space.it seems like there is too many pillows but that’s probably because when a photographer is taken and compressed angle distortion ruining the perspective.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Darci Goodman Design}

15. Grey Floors and White Walls Beach House Design

This neutral color scheme has been used to design a beach house living room so that it feels enveloped in the sea. It has the colors of rock and Sand surrounding it and the grey flooring has a unique texture and pattern that has been used to create the ambiance of the seaside. The large Windows of this Charlestown home allow maximum connection with the outdoors and ocean view. The ocean is also grey and white and a lot of other exciting colors not just blue.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design}

16. Casual Beach Living Style

This Miami coastal retreat is a whole fresh new idea and look for the find casual beach home lifestyle. The room features white walls and light toned wood. Almost every aspect of this home from the wooden cabinetry to the shelves is custom made. The shelving is actually held in place by a clip system built into the frame wall behind the drywall. This floor color is neutral and will go with just about any shade in the walls. The wall color used here is Benjamin Moore’s dove wing OC 18.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: 41 West}

17. Blue and Grey Beach Style Living Room with White Dining Chairs

Check out this beach style living room in Orange County with orange and blue walls and pearly white chairs for the dining table. It features an open concept living style which makes it maximum use for the minimum space available indoors. Different sections of the wall adorned in different paint with the right hand side of the fireplace covered in baby seal Black by Benjamin Moore and the left in blue. We suppose something like Pittsburgh paints Hearty Hosta would be a great option for a less intense ambiance. That fireplace looks fabulous and is the center of attraction in this whole room. It is precisely the Dimplex 50 by 14 inch electric fireplace.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Tara Bussema}

18. Family Home Coastal Living Style Designs

Next we have for you this one looking house with swivel chairs turquoise sofa sea grass rugs and inviting bar stools. The beach home is styled in zebra upholstery work throughout the room. The reclaimed wood and iron coffee table surely steals the show on this one along with the swivel chairs in hand block print. This is an example of open concept living room design for coastal styling with grey walls and mixed tone wooden floors with interesting contrast. The cabinetry is custom with a glaze which is a cross between brown and charcoal.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Margaret Donaldson Interiors}

19. Costal Home with Rustic Exposed Brick Walls

Sometimes it’s best to let our rooms architecture speak for itself. Such as this beach house living room with an exposed stone fireplace and rustic wooden beams on the ceiling. These are moving windows looking majestic upon the well-lit room. The wall and ceiling is Benjamin Moore. In this special room, everything enhances the next.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Wettling Architects}

20. Cool and Crisp Beach Living Room Design

Last but not least we have this inspiration for a large enclosed coastal living room starring coral blues around a standard fireplace. The room offers great juxtaposition for the warmth of the fireplace and the airy exteriors. The clean neat lines and stripes on the furniture and rugs helps create I look like this with hits of strong blue. The blue bench in the white backdrop works best to create a contemporary look with clean lines and minimum frills.

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.}

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