20 Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

We are nearing the end of the first quarter of the new millennium and interestingly retro styles in decorating homes from the last century are now more popular than ever. This retro vibe bringing back the mid-1900s is now called as Mid-Century style of mid-century modern blends. This intriguing look for homes has endured the test of time and still fascinates homeowners everywhere with easily livable homes they can enjoy. It is also perfect for you who like to entertain quite a crowd in your living room or suppose you have a large family.

How To Tell If It’s Mid-Century?

To understand this style you need to grasp its core influences namely; modern art, architecture and the budding age of technology. Pieces in the set are often straight lined and have gentle curves like someone was trying to really reinvent geometry. The other common theme is the minimalistic approach to furnishings that makes a room feels airier and more useful at the same time. This should help you make the most of the space you have whether big or small.

Recreating a Mid-Century modern living room takes deeper understanding of the popular pieces and there inspiration and so we can discuss some of them just so you get acquainted. With these pieces you can easily add a touch of Mid-Century into your modern space without creating seams or a mess. The Best part about is that they are useful and they do not force you to ditch everything you already own.

The Mid-Century Accent Chair

It’s not a complete look without a pair of these. They are high end luxurious lounge chairs that the duration is famous for. They are often leather and reclined and sometimes with an updated club twist. Just one of these babies will anchor your space completely.

The Coffee Table

The coffee table is one item you do not want to miss in your new setup. It is central to the room and represents the focal point of the room basically. It is also a functional piece as it helps with setting drinks while you socialize. Common styles include hairpin legs with gentle curves and seem to have been a brainchild of the atomic technology back in the day.

And The Sofa

The Mid-century sofa is yet another mark of quality that sets this style aside as one of the most recognizable and gorgeous styles to live. There is nothing cushy about this sofa nor does it bear decorations. It is stark and boldly colored reflective of modern art. It is often low and rectangular made with contrasting color and texture to its surroundings making it stand out.

In a nutshell the Mid-century modern design is famous for a simple reason. It is draws sophistication from the use of simple forms and natural shapes for airy and inviting indoors. When you are looking for inspiration for your new flashy living room, worry no more because we have got you covered. Keep reading!

1. Pearl White Walls And Wooden Floor

This Mid-Century home is in Salt Lake City and features immaculate white walls against the backdrop of a light toned wooden floor and with an open floor plan. The tendency to minimalistic furnishing with lots of idle space is undeniable while the abstract wall art interrupts the otherwise pearly walls. Lighting is sufficient from natural sources and the ebony toned beams overhead match the unique spherical coffee table. The room is only medium sized and can entertain a moderate crowd thanks to the roomy sofa with a retro feel.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Studio McGee}

2. Embrace The Organic

This phoenix home is designed to embrace the organic aesthetics of the Arizona desert offering a great many thoughtful amenities and landscape architecture that boosts the native color palette without drip irrigation. The rooms are designed to merge the interiors with nature and the architect is none other than Greey and Clint Miller. It exemplifies a dream Mid-Century home with glass museum window wall and wood stove. You could say the room is built into the exterior as the outside seems indoors and that is simply priceless.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Greey Pickett}

3. Modern Formal And Open Concept Painted Wood Floor

Next we have this Charlotte Mid-Century decorated room with an open concept living plan and wooden flooring that is painted gray to match the grey walls. There is notably no TV or fireplace and the setting is rather formal and obviously mid-century. it has a beautiful diamond textured rug with a square pattern and a nice little glass top table on oddly placed metal frames. The art is sensational and is really transformative of the main feature wall.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Bohemian Bungalow Design}

4. Open Concept Forma With Mounted TV

This mid-sized Mid-Century styled room features more wooden furniture and cabinetry and a wall mounted TV with a sound system and no exposed cabling. A couple of rustic chairs allow a huge museum window and the exteriors while the lime sofa faces the main media and feature wall with a simple plank shelf with plants and other decor pieces. A thick white rug centers the room beneath the UFO shaped coffee table. This side board is also one of the most coveted pieces in this entire set.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Reference Media Inc}

5. Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Lifestyle Mid-Century

The owners of this amazing home wanted a beautiful 1953 home and wished to transform it into a different style of living room that is considerate of modern luxurious living and amenities. The home was already custom made for California living and all the designers had to do was add intense user experience in the way of color theory and insane amenities. A peek into the exteriors reveals that they are made to integrate seamlessly with the wonderful interiors.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Wrensted Interiors LLC}

6. Pleasant Greens Mid-Century

Check out this inspirational bold mid-century room with green and white on the layer and green accents on the throw pillows. The wall shelves are an integral part of the look and the room notably does not include a TV or fireplace as well. The coffee table is from Room & Board and makes the picture hangs look good. The rug is pretty cool and it has its match in the zebra pillow which is equally awesome.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Design Milieu}

7. Open Concept Living Room With Original Fireplace

When you want your new Mid-Century home to include a rustic fireplace and tongue groove ceilings then this is you. The roof looks magnificent with those epoxy floors and a brick fireplace and even includes a wall mounted TV. All the wood and the fireplace used here makes this room much warmer and so does the unusual layer up and couch. There is plenty of natural lighting and the blinders in the far end of the room are noticeable. The reclined lights makes the ceiling even higher and dreamy while the indoor plants add organic vibes and life into the room.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Tindall Architecture Workshop}

8. Ceramic Floors Colorful Mid-Century Living Room

Here is inspiration for bolder colored Mid-Century living room with ceramic flooring and beige walls. The wall and gray floor color complement each other nicely and neutralize all the other popping yellows in the room. This fireplace is unusual in construction and the so is the shelf units on the feature wall. The room is expansive but the ingenuity of the decorations doesn’t allow you to feel that way. Way to go with the starry lighting fixture in the background and lampstand by the couch.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: An Interior Motive Designs LLC}

9. Modern Formal And Open Concept Light Wood Floor

This neat medium sized room in San Francisco has a modern and forma tone to it even though it is primarily decorated with Mid-Century furnishings in mind. This style goes well with the light wood floor and open living concept adopted to make the most of the little available space indoors. The ribbon fireplace steals the show as there is no visible TV mounted in the room and the white walls contrast mildly with its grey appearance. The imbalance brought by the one sided cabinetry and art on the other side is impressive.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Martinkovic Milford Architects}

10. 1960’s Open Concept Light Wood Flooring

Here we have another inspirational piece for a 1960’s open concept light wood flooring living room. The designer chooses a sophisticated beige color for the flooring and pure white walls to recreate neutrality typical of Mid-Century homes. Unique features of this home include stone fireplace and with exposed gray textured brick and large windows for maximal views. The flooring material is actually long planks of white oak. The space and proportions of this room are huge but that is dumped by the interesting décor and styling options. For instance, the exposed wood ceiling feels lower than it actually is.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Madeline Tolle}

11. Open Concept Dark Wood Floor

This Large modern room is a good benchmark for dark wood flooring and luxury mid-century inspired living with beige walls and a spectacular view of the landscape. This infinity view stands out for this living space and gives it a special calming effect with expansive views of serene environment. The building is obviously modern but the sofas have a unique retro vibe. Open concept layout makes the large space remain airier and functional for easy living.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Living Stone Design + Build}

12. Mid-Century Interior Remodel

This Mid-Century home is a remodel to suit the open concept lifestyle with the goal of making the room serves multiple functions. The result is this gorgeous space where the owners can now entertain small groups of people. This great room is perfect for a small family with two kids and it opens up to the kitchen area and includes a bulky brick fireplace. This room matches the mid-century flair and aesthetic requirements for a stylish living room by pros.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Custom Design & Construction}

13. Mid-sized 1950s inspired wooden floors and TV

This next home is a 1950s open concept light wood floor idea for wall mounted TV set in your midcentury home. This light toned wooden floor matches the lighter exposed ceiling wood and gives this home an organic feel. On the other hand, the window wall allows tons of natural light that chars up the colors in the room. The colors are mostly neutral and calm with a spike of bold colors in the far ends. The black sofa brings back time and mildly contrasts the media wall that includes a TV. The raised ceiling makes the room airier and plush.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Christen Ales Interior Design}

14. 1960s Open Concept Medium Tone Wood Floor And White Walls

This house exemplifies a 1960s open concept wooden floor living room with a medium tone wood floor. The phoenix home also features white walls and grey sofas. The light fixture stands out for this room as does the shelf fixtures on the far end. The lime door paint is a bold move to turn back the time on this apartment and the glass coffee tables have an industrial feel. There is ample sitting space despite the minimalist approach to furnishing. A large abstract above the larger sofa is the main focal point on that wall and sets it aside.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: The Ranch Mine}

15. Turquoise And Yellow Palette Mid-Century

This retro vibrant home is founded on a turquoise and yellow color palate with huge sofas and Soto chairs. The Palm Springs house has sweet vintage furniture and books decor including the love seat that has been brought back with upholstery experts. The vintage decor and books is done the CA Company called California Lustre while the upholstery is redone by Frank’s Palm Desert Upholstery. The three piece abstract wall art is something different for this particular room.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: California Lustre}

16. Medium Tone Wooden Floor With Gray Walls And A TV Stand

The Westchase townhouse is a 1950’s inspired open concept medium tone wooden floor living room idea that is to find in Houston. It feature beautiful grey walls and includes a TV. The lime sofas go nicely with the gray but most importantly turn back time for this retro furnished room with giant convex mirrors for wall décor. The lights on either side of the sofa are a special addition just as is the grey rug with white patterns. The little chairs are cute too and add character to the sitting area.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: S Squared Design, LLC}

17. Mid-Sized 1950s Living Room Coral Blue

Up next is a 1950’s classic with coral blues for the bench and sofa against a gray floor and white wall. Unique to this room is the stone fireplace with rustic vibes. Even though its tight in this living room the airy windows and char up the coral blues and making the room feel larger and welcoming. If you want a bolder room with dominant blue themes then you can copy this palette. The starry light fixture makes the room feel warmer and adds stylish glamour to any room.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: True Home Restorations}

18. Mid-Century Modern Medium Tone Wooden Floor Living Room

The Elcher 3 home in San Francisco is the idealistic model of the mid-century home with a red brick fireplace and a minimal approach to furniture. It features beautiful white walls and an ample sectional the grey floor only mildly contrast the white ceiling and red brick. The clear transparent walls a view invites the outside into to the insider and makes the otherwise small room appear larger and spacious. The tiny table pieces are an interesting vintage addition to this set and seem to be custom made. Notice how the designer plays around with colors on the couch.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Urbanism Designs}

19. Medium Tone Wood Floor With White Walls And Exotic Rug

This room is clearly Mid-century with that Persian rug that comprises of warmer colors and a lot of them for that matter. The mood is calm and reserved also typical of this style of decorating with some shelving for storage and display of some valuable items. The sectional by the window is genius placement for looking out and enjoying life indoors. The ceiling is tongue grooved and painted white making each and every color in the room that much brighter against the neutral background.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Studio Schicketanz}

20. Large Open Concept Concrete Flooring and Brick Fireplace

When you are dealing with a multilevel living room and you want to mid-century then this is something you might want to emulate. It’s interesting how the designers chose to go with a darker wall and organic ceiling with light toned wood. The reclined lights on their part exaggerate the already immense height of the room and window wall is a big help for lighting by day. The fireplace is cleverly fitted with wood pile storage on the side and these clever additions already add the warm of a farmhouse to this enormous room.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Turn Design}

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