20 Industrial Living Room Design Ideas

The industrial revolution is back upon us and this time it’s back to transform living in a whole new dimension namely, living room decorations. It is not a respecter of country, net worth or family sizes. This new style of decorating is bent on transforming warehouses and barns of old into fresh new living spaces with a joyful blend of modernity and rustic. From rusty pipes to exposed brick and air ducts, this style offers a way to break the rules of decorating for other styles and get away with it. The aim is however not to make a factory setting but a comfy and functional living space that will offer delight to inhabitants and guests alike.

How to Industrial Living Rooms

One peculiar element of all industrial designs is that undeniable look and feel of manufacturing plant and blending it with the ingenuity of a modern and stylish home. It’s about bringing back the era and therefore in this article we are going to spot some buildings as old as the nineteenth century. While its sound glamorous to be able to transform an old warehouse into a classy modern home, this is not an easy feat and is not for every designer out there. Furthermore, you do not need to scout old buildings in your city to adopt this style of living. You can just as easily have your townhouse, apartment or condo transform into a marvelous and authentic industrial home with the right designer in your quarter.


It’s not truly industrial if it does not play around with metalwork just like in the old days of steel and iron. Plumbing was one of the major leaps and hence bare piping adds to the allure of this style. Metal works are prominent including in fixtures, roofing and cabinetry. Wrought iron is a common preference for industrial designers as it looks great and doesn’t cost nearly as much as most other precious metals.


As earlier stated, Industrial designs often feature bare brick walls as we desire to recreate the feeling of being in an old steel mill. You can dedicate an entire wall preferably the one that is visible from the entry to be bare red brick. This can be your main feature wall and include a fireplace if you like.

Flooring and furniture

With flooring, you will have a great many choices when you choose to go industrial. From hardwoods to concrete and slate tiling, industrial floors vary greatly. Large area rugs are also a warm addition to the room and also spice up the colors a little.

Likewise furniture for industrial styled homes can be made of woods wrong iron, glass among other manufactured products. The only thing to note is the tendency to go for dark colored pieces and fabrics even though an occasional accent color doesn’t hurt.

Why go industrial?

So you want to bring back the age-old designs focusing on mechanization and the ingenuity of manufacturing spaces then and now? We don’t see why not! They are a level playing field compared to many other choices and they create really beautiful and pricey homes from otherwise old buildings that would have to be torn down otherwise. Besides, everyone knows that the best way to achieve a rustic living room is to go industrial for starters.

Now that you have been admiring industrial living rooms for a while now or you are considering heading in that direction, we have just the rooms you need to see to get convinced. Enjoy!

1. Dark Wood Floor Industrial

First up we have inspiration for dark toned wooden floor with amazing decor choices including the wooden coffee table with two levels and metal frame. The piping on the wall lets the cat out of the bag on the design styling among other intricate detailing that gives the room its factory settings. A feature unique to this room is the shelves to the far end of it that are both functional and aesthetic. The shelves are anchored on the wall with masonry wall anchors in case it crosses your mind to question the same.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Reiko Feng Shui Design}

2. International Industrial

Some of us are global citizens and want their lifestyles to reflect just that. This living room in Brooklyn is a great big example of an industrial styled and global themed living room. The urban home features concrete flooring that is naturally grey. The sofa is a 1960s vintage and has this blocky appearance that easily fades into the industrial design. Another notable piece in the room is the high shelving and the wood stove not to forget the bicycle in the rear. Windows with box glazing remind of a factory especially with the high walls.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Chris A Dorsey Photography}

3. Experiment With Warmer Colors

This living room sparks our imagination for industrial living rooms with a special explosion of fiery orange against the white and dark floored background. These colors certainly beat up the dull tones in the room thanks to the ample ambient lighting. The Model for modern live-work lofts features a staggering 23 foot ceiling clearance and a spiral staircase accessing the bedroom mezzanine. This is a good pick for mid-sized urban formal living room with concrete floor and a standard metal fireplace.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR}

4. Monochromatic Industrial Condo

You would almost think that this photo was taken in grey scale but not quite. The city apartment is styled by a sophisticated designer to look plush and industrial. Check out the light fixtures in the setting, they are simply rare and are called as the Big Bang suspension lamps from Foscarini. Black and white artwork and décor can be amazing when done right and when coupled with a theme that befits them just like industrial homes. The drapes in this marvelous space are also a focal point for the space.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer}

5. Corrugated Ceiling

This room is extreme in every sense of the word but does not at all seem like trying too hard. Most people are just intrigued by the rustic rusted corrugated iron sheets ceiling. Its low cost if you can find cheap aged iron sheets and of course the ceiling fan and air duct system. The floors are fantastic as well and so is the couch. If you are considering open living then this is a good place to start. The sheets are corrugated and it is certainly tricky trimming it right. Also you might want to consider some vanish if too rusted to prevent dust when further rusting occurs.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Beard + Riser Architects}

6. Black Floor Steel Structure Living Room

This Seattle property looks awesome and easily identifies as industrial thanks to all the metalwork that goes into it. The flooring is polished black terrazzo which looks spectacular but can also be slippery when wet. Something unique to this room has to be the tons of metal work throughout the room for the trusses and the window wall. The wooden ceilings also add a special organic feel to the dull steel structure.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: draisbeck}

7. Beige Walls Cool Loft Bakery Transformation

Yes, this cool space that now houses on of the coolest lofts in Brooklyn is an example of urban living room created from a former bakery. The exposed brick walls are unique and the wooden floors are in perfect harmony with the masonry. The layer up cloth is transformative on the sitting area and the beige wall on the media end merges raw masonry with sophisticated coloring. The air duct may be an addition or a part of the original ventilation system but still looks chic as does the spiral staircase.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Chris A Dorsey Photography}

8. Urban Concept Loft Industrial

In Vancouver, this open planned living with no TV measures about 22 ft. vertically and looks stunning with the leather sofa and wooden furnishings. The loft apartment is industrial because of the choices of art, railings and the custom ladder or staircase. The light fixtures with saucer shapes and the one over the main sitting area with a halo also add to the charm of this space.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Antique Market}

9. White Walls Open Concept

This is yet another urban open concept living with white walls and grey floor. A lot of the furniture plays around with the black and white color scheme and exposed piping in the room sets the tone for industrial style. The furnishing is minimal and creating leftover room for traffic and airier feel. This explains the small chairs with Gold Paisley throw pillows that make a deep stylish statement.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jamesthomas Interiors}

10. Two Story Penthouse Apartment

The Lai Residence is the living embodiment of industrial design with architecture, urban living, spirituality and everyday life in consideration. This two storey home is designed for a young couple with a teenager. The material surfaces of the home are chose not just for their aesthetics but also for functionality just as with industrial complex construction. These materials have the advantage of looking better with age. Exposed brick is unexpected and gorgeous choice of texture to display art.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: iAdesign.com.tw}

11. Cotton Mill Restoration

Check out this amazing restorative project with the entire room gorgeous thanks to furnishigs such as this amazing couch and chairs. The elm carpet is unique and makes a mild contrast with the floor grey. This exemplifies a mid-sized open concept concrete floor and white walls with TV stand and a standard fireplace. The lighting is perhaps the most peculiar thing about this room with circular bulb pattern. The fixture is a custom make with each bulb borne by its own cable strand forming a circle of light.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Heirloom Design Build}

12. Royal Arsenal Turned Living Room

In this room, wooden floors have been installed which is inspired by Kahrs Oak Frost Swedish strip flooring for high performance and ecofriendly flooring solutions. The Royal Arsenal is actually an historic site as it played a role for the role for Great Britain for storing army plans in the seventeenth to the early twentieth century. It is no wonder that the building that houses has a unique sense of space and grandeur. The remodel focused on creating a natural feel and Kahrs Oak was just perfect to bring out that rustic feel of grained wood floors.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Kahrs}

13. Spice Warehouse Turned Living Room

This house is over a century old having been established 1895 as a spice trade infrastructure with the 25 inch thick base and charming Beaux arts façade. The same building would later house the Hudson Square printing company before getting this facelift to a magnificent loft with the same original arched windows. This is one of the 12 comfy lofts that have been crafted from this ancient building offering expansive views of a river waterfront and golden sunsets.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Marie Burgos Design}

14. Two-Sided Fireplace White Walls

This house was originally designed by Hamp Architects and the interior decor by Stephanie Wohlner, big names and therefore big expectations. It is an urban industrial living room with white walls and two-sided fireplace in the city of Chicago. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Super White. The coffee table is certainly attention grabbing and seems to be a custom piece as well. The floor of choice is specifically epoxy terrazzo.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Vinci | Hamp Architects}

15. Warehouse Loft Makeover

This loft is crafted from an 1895 warehouse and features natural oaks with matte finish for the Floors and white walls combined with an exposed brick wall designed by cappuccino photography pieces and taupe linen. This is one of the 12 units that are cut from the original building and combines modern lines with rustic elements like the rustic Indonesian coffee table. An irresistible visual from the moment you the room is the bare brick texture adorned with cappuccino art. The green wall looks life like even though it is a special art piece comprising of hundreds of photographs of leaves pinned in a way that makes it seem real.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Marie Burgos Design}

16. Downtown Loft Industrial

This is a library living room makeover from some ancient building downtown Austin. The decorator chose to go with gray walls even with the lack of sufficient natural lighting. Regardless of this, the room still feels amazingly warm and includes a lighter ceiling color making it feel airier with some interesting lighting fixtures. The spiral ductwork is another notable feature of this project and other than the unique blend of antique brick. The floor is just sealed concrete without color staining.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Tim Cuppett Architects}

17. Urban Open Concept With Double Fireplace

Here is another chic Chicago living room with two sided fireplace and an open concept floor plan. It features a brick like textured wall for the central fireplace and beautiful sectionals that speak of style and fashion. The placement of the sectionals allows easy access to the living area and that makes it easier to enjoy the room.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jamesthomas Interiors}

18. Modern Industrial Living Room

This 16 foot walled living room is airier than most opening up to three sides with sliding glass doors for maximum ambient light. The glass furnishings such as the coffee table and the pivoting glass doors take off the visual overload in this spic and span space and the staircases are also another level of style. The result is an airy pavilion with both style and fashion as well as comfort. The glass bridge also contributes to the special industrial looks and feel with thick laminated glass.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects}

19. Urban Concrete Floored Living Room With Library

Check out this uniquely decorated and furnished little room with ample storage space and open feeling. The cracked wooden bench or coffee table is just off the hook on rustic vibes and the room can entertain larger gatherings thanks to the ample sitting capacity on the sectional sofa. The client further chooses to go with a complex color palate offering warmth and vibrancy. The open concept rids the room of traffic areas and hallways but instead creates a room where you feel at home everywhere.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design}

20. Huge Industrial Remodel

The last house we look at for this category is an inspirational remodel in Chicago with white walls adorned with gorgeous cream sectionals and a metal frame glass top coffee table. A lot of the pieces used in this room including the chairs behind the sofas are custom and you will certainly need to show them to a local upholsterer you can trust. The whole point in creating these gorgeous spaces is for people to actually live in the space and so comfort is paramount.

Industrial Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jamesthomas Interiors}

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