20 Gorgeous Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Nothing beats a well-crafted interior design for a living room to be considered livable, cozy, stylish or even classy. We are talking about the one room in the home that is designated for living and enjoying the company of loved ones or entertaining your guests. The living room is one place you do not want to mess up even though it is in order to experiment with color palettes. When you are looking for a comfortable, classy and inviting room decor, hen modern styling leaves you with the most variety of choices for furniture and valued pieces u can deploy to make your dream home come into being.

If you are a design enthusiast then you will have a better chance to get it right with modern styles which are straightforward and easy. You might have to spend a few precious minutes on Google trying to find out as much as you can bite in one mouthful about color theory but then that’s just easy for the tech-savvy you. It is the ideal style to try out some favorite pieces and therefore we made it much easier for you by deploying this shortlist of beautiful modern styled living rooms we loved.

Whether you are going for a maximalist, minimalistic design or even going bold with a shouting paint color, we have 20 gorgeous modern designs we thought you might want to see before you commit to any one look. These capture it all; from furniture to wall color so you have to look nowhere else for inspiration on all things modern living rooms.

1. Napoleon Fireplace

Our first modern home features a fireplace popping out and shelves on both sides creating a wonderful living space for the entire family and a family that reads too. Something about this mantel stands out as it is part of the lower area treatment and sticks out slightly. A clever place to add your TV would be right above the fireplace if you are willing to endure the stigma of having one.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Wyckoff Heating Cooling}

2. Modern Living Room Remodels Idea

This living room remodel idea offers good inspiration for modern styled living rooms. The room is quite large and the high windows come in handy. Two large windows on either side of the fireplace is a unique addition that does not take away from the fireplace itself. The choice of color is subtle and neutral for a formal feel. If you do not like the clear windows and double doors you might have to invest in brighter lighting fixtures.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Photo By: Nathan Spotts}

3. Transitional Contemporary

Next we have this huge minimalist wooden floor living room design for a Kansas City home. It features stark grey walls and a tiled fireplace with recessed ceiling lights. The sofa matches the walls and general color scheme for the room perfectly. The minimalist entryway design makes the room feel spacious and immaculate. The blue pillows match the blue flames at the fireplace front and so does the flowers to some other the other cushion.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Suma Design and Construction}

4. The Concrete Box House

This famous concrete box house is in Houston, United States and was originally designed by Robertson Design combining only concrete and wood to construct the home. The house explores three architectural concepts carefully crafted entry, material clarity and sculpture presentation. The minimalist approach is notably Asian inspired with sparse decoration often involving stones and trees. The contrasting texture and color of the materials is what makes this home unique. Wood goes against bare concrete and white painted walls and the lighting is mostly natural.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Robertson Design}

5. Large Minimalist Open Concept Modern Living Room

This next example is a minimalistic approach to open living concept furnishing with marble floors and beige walls. A key notable feature is the ribbon fireplace, stone fire place and the lack of a visible TV set. An additional influential piece is the glass railings and the custom bench. The full wall glass with two levels makes the living room feel larger and roomier with the ocean inspired blue hues. A feature wall above the fireplace adds to the glamour of the modern and neat space in special way.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Marc-Michaels Interior Design}

6. Two Sided Fireplace Modern Remodel

This inspiration design is to find in San Francisco with beige walls and a two sided fireplace and a perfect view of the city below. The peachy floor color requires an equally sophisticated wall color and beige suffices. The kitchen remodel is a hefty investment with casual glass doors and built in cabinetry. The glass theme is carried on by the railing and transparent light features. Most of the rooms in this home have a spectacular view of the city and a subtle minimalist approach to decorating and furninshing.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Sutro Architects}

7. Concrete Floor Open Concept Modern

This Levin residence in Pheonix is the perfect example of an open concept concrete flooring living room design. The white walls and ceiling are a different shade and go well with the grey textured rug and roomy sofa. The central Cassina Mex glass coffee table becomes the centerpiece for the floor plan without taking too much attention from the neat and clean roomy appearance. The TV wall is lined with custom rift cut white oak by Stone River Studio.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Ibarra Rosano Design Architects}

8. Minimalist Living Room

This neat space features a beige rug that is machine made and makes a great addition for any room. The room has a plush feel thanks to the lovely sofa with plenty of room and the Blancho pillows. The wooden feel coffee table is by Artefac and runs gamut. The ebony finish spells opulence and the coffee table stands out even in this spectacular room under the specific lighting conditions. Minimalist approach to living always makes life easy and straightforward and the clean view of the large windows aids the design.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: MGS Architecture}

9. Grey Floor Open Concept Minimalist

This LA home features a minimal design for open concept with grey polished concrete flooring with a matching rug and sofa. The designer uses multicolor walls to add a bit of fun without interfering with the casual modern look of the home. Ceramic walls in the living room are accented by the opposite wall with a Windthread print on gallery wrap canvas. Abstract art is always a fresh addition to any modern home and this fine art highlights colors absent in the room create distinct images.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: June Street Architecture}

10. Medium Sized Minimalist Open Concept With Light Wood Flooring

This Houston home is airier ad roomier than homes of its size thanks to a minimalist approach to design and clever lighting techniques. It features light beige floors and a ribbon fireplace. A stone fireplace makes a statement and there is no TV which is considered a guilty addition to a superb interior décor. Surrounded by stone stacked to ceiling, this white mantled linear fireplace gives room its luxurious modern allure.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Perfection Supply}

11. Large Minimalist Open Living Concept With Porcelain Flooring

You have got to love the color and texture of this white walled living space with gray porcelain floor in San Francisco. It also features a ribbon fireplace with tiles and no TV. The Penta tile from Ogassian can be sourced from Ann Sacks. The artificial grass is a nice addition to the design and could fit most rooms as it is realistic and permanently lush. The blue pillow is the Sunbrella Outtdoor Lumbar that really adds character to the lounge area with a contrasting cording trim. Plenty of views on either side of the fireplace make it even more prominent.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Hills & Grant}

12. Corner Fireplace Minimalist Living Room

This next example also involves a minimalistic approach to decorating and furnishing but with the fireplace built into a corner of the room. The rustic wooden bench coffee table and cupboard beneath the TV give the modern room a rustic feel while the simple artwork hanging on the opposite wall makes it look clean and modern. The external lounge area has the same minimal look and maintains the same color scheme. The wooden bench beneath the handcrafted mirror is also a unique piece.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Dream Finders Homes}

13. Formal Living Room Open Concept

This Denver home is yet another opulent large and minimalist formal living room with open concept floor plan. It features white walls without being stark, grey sofa and layer up and a ribbon fireplace. The grey layer up feels like concrete with unique folds but offers great warmth for the home. The same goes for the straightforward furniture and clear board mounted on the divider wall. The glass coffee table brings style and sophistication to the room without causing visual overload.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Akasha Design Studio}

14. Dark Wood Floor Spacious Living Room

If you are looking for inspiration for your mid-sized to large living room design with wooden floor then you will love this Seattle home remodel featuring white walls and brown wooden living room floors. The grey layer up under the sitting area goes well with the color scheme and is accented by the antique end stump table which carries on the wooden feel. Stump tables bring a cool and ecofriendly vibe into the room.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects}

15. Custom Finished Open Floor Plan Living

This water front property in Tampa FL features a unique open plan living room design with custom made fixtures and fittings. It feels neat and modern in white and cream for most furniture and upholstery. The tone wood flooring adds opulence accented by the wooden fireplace surround for the ribbon fireplace. The coffee table is an interesting buy for this project and is Plinth styled which is available in several offerings and sizing and this particular finishing is perfect for the room ambience.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Debra Ackerbloom Interiors, LLC}

16. Neat Minimalist Design

If you are looking into minimalism then you wouldn’t want to miss this stunning design for a home in Wichita. It features high white walls and a minimal furniture and rug. The chairs are beautiful and give off a retro vibe. The Fireplace makes the main focal piece for the entire room which immaculately comes together with the abstract color paintings around it. On the window side sits a completely transparent invisible chair which is such an unusual addition to any room.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: VanderMeer Homes Ltd.}

17. Plaster Fireplace Open Concept

The space in this small living room in Milwaukee is tight but it doesn’t actually feel that way thanks to the unique minimalist approach to decorating and furnishing. High walls with high ceiling and the large airy windows all contribute to the spacious illusion. The flooring is light wood adding a warmth of sorts accented by the plaster fire place. The sofa has the prominent views of the scenic outside there is nothing in the way.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Carla Holtze}

18. Medium Tone Wooden Floor Open Concepts

Our next feature is this large modern room that is to find in prestigious Boston home. It features a warm brown floor with a unique floor plan and sophisticated beige walls. The look is incomplete without the wooden surround fireplace with a wall mounted TV. The design fits this large room and feels cozy even for a larger room. The wall to wall custom cut carpet goes well with the cream and grey sofa and bench.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Fresh Start Contracting Company}

19. Large Modern Open Concept Porcelain Flooring

When you are looking for porcelain flooring for larger living rooms then this inspirational piece should spur your imagination. It includes a large floor area with open concept living plan and white walls interrupted by large conceal cabling TV mounted over the tile fireplace. The porcelain floor goes well with the sophisticated feel of medium height beige walls. This Miami residence also features a custom hearth divorcing the fancy fireplace from the floor level.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Freestyle Interiors}

20. Coastal Modern Wooden Floors

Decorating for a beach front or water front property is always trickier but this open concept modern piece should help you with a few ideas. The wood floor has a medium tone which mildly contrasts with the white walls. The shelving on either side of the immaculate fireplace complement the wall mounted TV set nicely while offering ample space to display all your beautiful collectibles. The same beauty and functionality theme is.

Modern Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Lindye Galloway Interiors}

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