20 Dazzling Small Living Room Design Ideas

If your living room or family room feels cramped up and cluttered then you are not alone. Many people find themselves facing the challenge of space when family expands or if the room is inherently small. The last thing you want to do is spend time in a cluttered space let alone show it to your guests. Luckily there are enough tricks in the decorating book that can trick any pair of eyes into thinking that a space is larger than it is. Look it up! It’s an art and science.

Decorating small rooms does not require magic wand but rather smart styling techniques. In this post we discuss simple tips to transform any small living space or great room into an airy and comfy oasis inside your home. Let’s start you off with these three little bitty things then you take a look at some inspirational pieces.

Paint Job

Perhaps the easiest way to make a room larger is play around with colors. Light wall colors such as white blush pink pale blue light grey and dusky lilacs are you friend when you are looking to brighten your homes interiors and create the illusion of space.

Smaller and Flexible Furniture

The next thing you should never do when decorating for a small living room is crammed with too much furniture. Instead you can choose a sectional corner sofa and use ottomans as they are portable and can be repurposed as extra sitting. Also play around with the proportions to make the room look bigger.

Invite Ambient Light and the Outdoors

Natural lighting is another factor to consider when decorating for small living rooms. The more natural light you can let in the better and that often means keeping the window dressing simple with full length curtains if you’re fortunate enough to have high ceilings. Using a subtle strip design gives the illusion of extra depth.

So without further ado, get ready to pin the following cute and cozy living rooms that have been put together by the best experts at creating a coherent and clean look.

1. Small Mountain Style Living Room

First off we have this mountain cabin with an ingenious interior design that continues the outside view. One thing you clearly note about this design is the weathered look created from natural rock colors that makes it seamless with the external conditions. Even though it’s a small living room, it doesn’t feel that way thanks to the high ceilings and the stain color. Notice how the furniture is floated with the sofa back against the entrance with no effort to push it up against a wall to make impression of space.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Cheryl Ko}

2. Small Traditional Room With Ceramic Flooring

When you are working with porcelain tiled floors with brown accents then an equally sophisticated beige wall color is in order. Check out the neat spaced display of art pieces on the adjacent wall as it is part of the illusion to create space in this small room. The area rug is the Trellis 8×10’ which is available on aurugs.com and accents the Jasper King sofa quite nicely. If the ceiling is sufficiently high, a fan just like this one also helps spell this out clearly.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Ethos Interiors}

3. White Wall And Painting For Small Living Room

Another favorite trick in the make your room larger book is to have your walls and floor brightly colored in white. White walls serve to brighten the interior and make the room feel larger and airier. The light that is entering the room bounces off your walls and creates an exciting super lit room. Larger artworks on the walls makes the room have character without making it feel cluttered thanks to the white and neutral background. In the same way you can make your sofa a focal point with colorful pillows.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: pamanddennis}

4. Gray Walled Small Mediterranean Living Interior Design

This small Tuscan brick floored living room makes a great example of maximum utilization of space within the living room to make functional walls. The thin red brick flooring can also be applied as a character backsplash ceiling material with several choices for color. The creative use of colored in this house is amazing and adds character to the room. The red wall clock is quite dominant on the wall and accents the retro vibe chairs. Grey walls are neutral and allow the room to feel deep and spacious.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Hallmark Interior Design LLC}

5. Small Trendy Living Room

This San Francisco home has a warmth and coziness that cannot be matched by many homes. Small rooms are preferred for their warmth and inviting ability. The materials and textures aid the color scheme to warm the room and make it comfortable in look and feel. The hot yellow of the abstract art is equally warm and sets a tone for the entire room. The light fixture spells class and style for the owners of this chic living room. The door makes a sharp contrast with the surroundings but so do the occasional black pillows.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: careyjr3}

6. Small Eclectic Living Room

If you want to draw inspirations from a small eclectic living room then this San Francisco home is a good place to look. This room comes with a standard fireplace and beige walls which are a complement for sophisticated taste in the other items and furnishings. Notably, the decorator takes advantage of the room’s height to create the feeling of airiness. This is achieved by accentuating tall windows with high curtains with a light texture and simple form. If you go this way, you can get a lot of mileage on high ceilings alone.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Ian Stallings}

7. Small Beach Style Living Room

In this beach home, the decorator chose to go with a clean and consistent color scheme. This simple composition creates an open and airy feel to the small room. The wooden feel of the flooring on its part adds warmth to the room while at the same time offering some mild contrast to put the bright colors into perspective and give the room depth. Thick moldings on the structure are also aesthetically aligned adding some architectural value. Other than just the white color trick, this home also showcases the use of small and versatile furniture pieces which can be easily moved and stored elsewhere.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC}

8. Small Traditional Living Room Design

When you want to go traditional, here is a small cottage living room you must see. The room has been designed to give the impression of not having tried too much. It is just like someone who did not know any better used hydrated lime as white wash and then threw some cement mortar to patch holes in the wall. The result is really beautiful walls, with a rustic character and rustic vibes. The furniture is downscaled and pushed up against the wall.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: llinn}

9. Contemporary Styled Living Room

This New York house is home to a nice and comfy living room with dark wood floors and gray walls. It features a standard fireplace and a wall mounted TV set. Using Ottoman’s in place of traditional coffee tables also makes better use of sitting area. They are movable and easily usable as an extra sitting rather than tables. You can also use them as foot rests. This gold and white ottoman is the perfect line between casual and formal.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: CWB Architects}

10. Loft Living Room With Minimal Design

This two level room in New York has super high walls with 12’ tall windows and arching tops. The designer chose to use a minimal approach to decorating and furnishing. The walls are ablaze in yellow and there is no fireplace but it comes with a TV stand. The black layer up is quite unique and does not take away from the minimal design theme. If you have high walls then you can consider this design. The wall hanging and art serve the critical purpose of diluting the stark walls. He adjacent wall is actually decorator’s white even though it appears grey in the shot.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: kimberly peck architect}

11. Small Transitional Formal Living Room Design

If you are into transitional living rooms then this small and chic room with a formal and enclosed dark wood setting will surely interest you. You want to retain the same brown flooring and preferably mount the TV on your wall. The built in sofa bench by the fireplace is a milestone of cozy when it comes to making use of every little space available in the room. Here the sizing comes into perspective as we play around with proportions to create the comfy and spacious feeling.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Toledo Geller}

12. Stone Cottage Small Living Room Design

This piece is the handy work of an award winning decorator in Denver who managed to convert a decayed outbuilding into this intimate and relaxing space with a timeless class and style. The room is designed to double as a guest retreat and jewel center. The design borrows from the looks of a visitor lounge in the prestigious quarters in national parks. The wooden surround in the embedded trusses and rustic timber constitutes a unique rustic and warm look and feel. In addition, the stone fireplace brings in warmth and the embrace of home. The airiness of the room is captivated in the expansive windows and sliding doors opening to an outdoor living terrace.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: TKP Architects}

13. Small Beach Style Enclosed

This here is an example of a small beach style formal living room with an enclosed setting and dark wooden flooring. The Orange County home features white walls and standard brick fireplace. With this great room, everything makes a difference making the room beautiful and functional as a sitting area. The brightness and warmth of the whole house is amazing and the blinds play a critical role in the lighting and warmth of the room. The space in this diminutive room is formal and casual and ass warm accents thanks to the red brick and Oriental rug.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Clark Collins – Collins Design & Development}

14. Small Timeless Open Concept

Perhaps you want to adapt an open living style with a light wood floor and brown walls. This Moscow home is a good example of making good on tight living room space. The remodel took, on a timeless concept with an open floor plan and bold brown walls. The sectional has ample sitting capacity while the other furniture in the room is light, small and portable. Notice the high blinders exceeding the window height to create the impression of a high ceiling.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Татьяна Вакуева}

15. Small Scandinavian Living room

Check out this cute Scandi great room with a splash of color against the neutral white walls. The small Danish living room has a smooth flow of natural light and takes advantage of bright colors to be playful and fun. The decorator was not afraid to mix up things a little rather than try to play by the rule book. Only a keen professional eye can spot the elements of the larger pieces which link back to the subtle accents of the Scandinavian design. For instance the cowhide black and white is picked up in the picture frames.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jeanette Lunde}

16. Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design

Next we have this small chic living room that turn back the time to the 1950s and with white walls and features unique antique décor. The Portuguese eel traps hanging over the fireplace are a special addition to bring back the rustic vibes to this modern great room. The room is also furnished with Chinese garden stools and a rustic mirrored cabinet and French blown demijohn glass bottle to add a patina of age. Only subtle accents of the room correlate with the midcentury vibe and the use of plants makes the room phenomenal. The coffee table adds a rustic vibe and totally rocks the middle of this room.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design}

17. Small And Enclosed Eclectic Living Room

We love this Diminutive Boston Living room with no TV and green walls. It is enclosed and features a ripe wooden floor and a dash of blue in the decor and furniture. This sofa is at the center of the design and makes part of the magic for this room. Specifically the theme for this room borrows from coastal English eclectic designs and speaks deep in color and fabric. It has that elegant and rustic combination that makes an English decorate room tick. It’s a tiny room packed with only the core essentials so that everything seems useful.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Lisa Teague Design Studios}

18. Small Traditional And Timeless Living Room

Here is some inspiration on a slightly larger but still squeezed formal living room with No TV and plenty of sitting space. The Minneapolis home is done with a timeless variant of traditional decorating and scale down the furniture to adapt to the low ceiling. The decorative pieces are also down to a minimum while the blue art on the wall livens the room as well. Wider view s and lighting from outside help to beat up the colors in the room with the overwhelming brightness of white.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: John Kraemer & Sons}

19. Fashionable Eclectic Living Room

This NYC room has a small and enclosed feel with light toned wooden flooring and grey walls. The color is Gray Owl from BM to be specific and only mildly differs from the white bookshelf. You have to be careful with greys as they can easily shift to another color under different lighting. Much of the furnishings in this stylish home are vintage such as the sofa, coffee table and the dresser. There are the high zebra stripped curtains to showcase the height of the room.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Nichole Loiacono Design}

20. Small Transitional And Forma Living Room

This last piece for small living rooms is an enclosed transitional styled room with wooden floors and gray walls. The room is beautifully crafted and then added a pop of color such as teal blue which completely transforms the room color. Do not shy away from adding some vibrant colors such as yellow and pink throughout the room so long as the larger pieces remain agreeable. The end tables are can be packed closer creating space in the room. Large windows also allow sufficient ambient light making the room airy and bright.

Small Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Terracotta Design Build}