20 Cool Mid-Sized Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is a place in your home designated for living! It is the place where you gather around with family and talk laugh and play with your loved ones or entertain your guests. It is also the place where you can sit in solitude and enjoy the breeze of home.

The living room is there for the focal point of any home and the island between the kitchen and the bedroom which is most visible to the public eye and reflective of your tastes preferences and style.

When decorating for small and medium-sized rooms you need to keep two things in mind. These are investing in multi-functional furniture and making use of available vertical space.

You will need to remove clutter and only display objects of interest. Just because you’re living room is tight doesn’t mean that you have to commit your valuable hair looms to storage.

These 20 great room designs offer a variety of substrates and styles to choose from when decorating a mid-sized room. From modern furniture centered on cubic rugs for floating appearance 2 concrete jungles and Paradise with wolves come alive and futuristic shiny metal work here are ways to design your lunch so creatively that you will never get tired of it.

1. Traditional Mid-Sized Living Room Design

Check out this one-of-a-kind mid-sized classical formal with an enclosed closed dark wood living room with a unique Pakistani rug. It features a blend of classical and formal styling with a wood fireplace surround and beige walls. The woven wood shades a unique allure to the room. They may not offer total privacy because they are not lined but these shades filter a lot of sun while still offering a view of the outside. The floor consists of rift sawn white oak finished with a custom stain. The sofa is the centerpiece for this room with a caramel fabric which must be darker sun appears in the photo.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Design By Lisa}

2. Transitional Formal Grey Living Room Design

The second piece is an inspiration for a mid-sized transitional formal grey living room featuring grey walls and a standard tile fireplace. The sofa is a nice addition to the room and as well with the lovely trilby chairs by Arteriors. The giraffe art must be a Betsy Fowler print it certainly changes the mood in the room. The Dell neutral color scheme used throughout this room except the sadhu subtle blue Express a sense of formality.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: VVDesign}

3. Southern Traditional Living Room Design

Next we have this example of a mid-sized classic open concept southern room. The room introduces a surprise color-pop in right blues and warm orange. The ottomans are outstanding and make meaning for use of space as they can be converted to extra sitting. The walls are sherwin-williams believable buff beige. Also notable is the Roman shades of teal and the upholstery chair which add a retro vibe to the room.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Tobi Fairley Interior Design}

4. Mid-Sized Farmhouse Living Room Design

This Houston home is our next stop with its shabby chic living room with an open concept and for more toned medium wood floor. This is a cool idea if you’re considering farmhouse style featuring white walls and no fireplace or TV. It would look like the coffee table has taken a beating from the elements over a long period of time but that must be just a custom finish that can be repeated at a shop near you.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Magnolia Homes}

5. Enclosed Library Style Living Room

If you’re looking to convert your home into a comfy reading space then you are in luck because this room is an excellent template. Notable in the decorations is the round fabric ceiling fixture with black and white paint for contrast. You’re probably happy with the door paint is and that would be sealskin by Sherwin. You will appreciate the strict adherence to the color scheme and neutrality.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Terracotta Design Build}

6. Mediterranean Living Room

Check out this elegant and finally appointed New York living room with a Mediterranean styling the mad with clay clerestory and limestone flooring. Perhaps the Elegance of this room is derived from the handsome perfection in detailing from the walls to the floors and the ceiling. These beams are hand hewn and give off the impression that the room is radiant heated. The floor plan is open concept and there is no problem no TV or fireplace.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Nautilus Architects LLC}

7. Mid-Sized Contemporary Living Room

If you’re checking out contemporary living rooms then you will be sure to consider this example of a trendy living room with a library design. The Houston homeowner’s choice to go with grey walls and then fill it up with a hold of fashionable and sentimental items. The Crate and Barrel made couches have a mid-century vibe but I still chick and comfortable. The antique mirror carries on the retro team from the couch and the Oriental rug.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Tim Cuppett Architects}

8. Beach Style Living Room

This beach home in Orange County houses a rare mid-size coastal living room idea with brown wooden floors beige walls and standard fireplace. Notably it has no TV but instead features unique array of seashell art that seems like it cost a fortune. The wall color is Your Bluff by Dunn-Edwards while the trims are whisper white by Dulux the semi-gloss version. The indoor plant compensates for the enclosed each of the room and helps break the monotony of color.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Brandon Architects, Inc.}

9. Eclectic Living Room

Check out this mid-sized eclectic medium tone wood living room in Saint Louis. 0 features grey walls and a TV on a Media unit/ dresser. The wormwood against the zebra striped layer rug are inviting and mildly contrasting. The main feature wall is adorned with beautiful vintage pieces but that doesn’t take away from the beautiful coffee table or the golden light fixture. In all it is a beautiful space that seems to have come together effortlessly.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Joi}

10. Scandinavian Living Room Design

Here goes Inspiration for a Scandinavian living room with an enclosed design and white walls. Is Toronto home was a relaxation with the comfy lounge sofa with black and white pillows. The white paint harmonizes the greys and browns in the room. There is no effort to match the sofa to the leather butterfly chair but that is no problem at all for this design. This saucer-shaped light fixture looks like the Maia 1- light pendant

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors}

11. Contemporary Family Great Room

Check out his cool and formal living room with the dark tones and glam of a high end family home in London. The choice of designer sofa and rug add style and class to the room. The coffee table is Wheat sheaf and compliments the antique armchairs perfectly. The trendy and formal style of this living room is rather uncommon for family homes. Not many homeowners are bold enough to try black on the walls. Throw in a warm fireplace and minus the TV and you are home and dry. The funky blue chairs add a vibrancy and life to this great room adding a layer of fun.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy}

12. Bidfold Doors Open Living Room

This contemporary living room with an open concept and light toned wood flooring is in Santa Barbara and an iconic award winning home. This design features wide panoramic views of the natural exteriors through the open ended design. The rug and sofa join the plaster fireplace to warm up the room while the open wall invites the outside into the room. Those free floating shelves are a great idea you can borrow for your next improvement project. If you like the fireplace, cement plaster will come in handy.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Allen Construction}

13. Transitional Formal Enclosed Living Room

Next we have this example of a transitional formal great room with and enclosed dark wooden floor. The Toronto property is proudly delimited by pearl white walls and houses an epic stone fireplace. This sleek flipper sofa places the room in transitional design and might as well be customizable. Notice how the designer chooses a monochromatic color scheme for a formal and transitional look. Only the teal blue interrupts this scheme and breaks monotony in the room.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Narratif}

14. Beige And Blue Formal Transitional Living Room

This Little Rock home is prestigious with its beige walls and highlights of blue, a theme that is carried on throughout the room and furnishings. Everything seems that more delicate and under this light. The architect makes use of high window wall to permit insolation and the curtains come in handy to set the tone for the light entering the room. This look is more about the fabric and textures than the colors used for the project.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Tobi Fairley Interior Design}

15. Farmhouse Living Room

This is an example of a mid-sized cottage style open concept living room with a farmhouse feel. They used medium toned wood planking on the floor which is consistent with the wooden beam on the ceiling and the overall farmhouse look. You will love how they used scale and proportion combined with open concept living to make the most of this space. The supermarket seems is an original idea you can borrow for your farmhouse. Way to go with steel countertops for the kitchen area.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Magnolia Homes}

16. Enclosed Transitional Living Room

This mid-size living room is part of a Kansas City residence by McCroskey Interiors and inspires for transitional living with a formal light toned wooden floor. The remodel focused on creating a warm and cozy feel with the arrangement gathering everyone around the fireplace. Brick fireplace and no TV means quality time with your family and guests. Gray walls are neutral and will not bore you for years to come. This chandelier is also wonderful and deserves the first glance.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: McCroskey Interiors}

17. Customized and Trendy Formal Open Concept Living Room

This room is by an interior design company called 27 diamonds based in Orange County, CA. They deserve the recognition for delivering such a beautiful living space that reflects the taste and class of its inhabitants. Trendy lifestyles run gamut but you can have this look for an affordable damage to your saving’s account. Almost all furniture and drapery in this room are custom make to the client’s tastes and preferences. The wood fireplace surround is extravagant and sets the tone for the high end great room.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: 27 Diamonds Interior Design}

18. Contemporary Mid-Sized Formal Living Room Design

This Seattle home is done by Garret Cord Werner Interior and comprises of a medium sized formal open concept living room. The brown floor has unique textures that borrow from the stone fireplace plaster. There is notably no TV and the walls are brown which quite a surprise is also. If you have kids and pets then you will love this ergonomic design that takes into account their mischief. The texture counterbalances with the liner effect nicely making this room cool and calming.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers}

19. Beige Walled Transitional Open Concept Living Room

Next we have this high walled transitional open concept room with medium tone wood floors and prestigious beige walls. The box coffee table is worthy of attention but it’s the way every piece from the chandelier above to the curtains and flooring come together that give this room its gorgeous and homely look. The High curtains emphasize the expanse of this vast room and filter in the light when closed. Geometric prints on cotton are quite simple but have a profound effect on the mood in a room of transitional style, as clearly evident.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Valerie DeRoy Interiors, LLC}

20. Contemporary Concept Dark Wood Floor

Last but not least we have this amazing dark wooden floored and trendy living room in Milwaukee with a contemporary and formal design concept. The floor plan is open making use of every last square inch and the white walls make the room seem much larger than it really is. The contemporary room is fitted with a ribbon fireplace and a wall mounted TV. Charcoal slate adds some real authority to the stone fireplace and can be sourced through various manufacturers.

Mid-Sized Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Bruns Architecture}

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