20 Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is the most popular spot in the whole house shared by all your loved ones and your guests and a place that ought to make you happy with your home and at ease. Whether it be spending quality time with family or entertainment, waiting for Santa, enjoying your new fireplace and entertainment, modern contemporary designs are some of the best styles to take your living room to the next level of jolly.

Life is mostly seeking solution to our problems and inadvertently creating more problems while longing to lounge carelessly in the new house. It is in finding pleasurable problems we love solving that true happiness is achieved. With that pursuit of happiness and highly functional and aesthetic living room spaces, we have put together 20 inspirational Contemporary Living Room design ideas.

Always remember that you can pick just elements of what you like the most about a particular set and only what is strictly necessary. Enjoy.

1. Modern Living Room With Mid-century Inspired Furnishing

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Weaver Custom Homes}

Time has frozen on the furnishings of this beautiful modern home that was created with the enduring style in mind. The fireplace wall is actual Dutch Quality stone not just stuck pieces. It enlivens the entire room and the low profile mid-century inspired furnishings give it a gorgeous outlook and a retro vibe. The room is cosy and straightforward making it the ideal conversation starter in the hunt for modern living room spaces.

2. Cut Out Wall Mid-sized Room With Beige Walls

{Design By: Orbit Homes}

This lovely serene room is a rare find with a unique divider that is a thoughtful addition and delimitation of available space. The partition wall design pattern is called plumage and can be redone with a wrought iron designer. The divider may also be made from recycled wood fiber making it super light and easy to install. the Beige paint adds sophistication to a neutral colored room since its a bit more complex than white. the starry lighting also contributes to virtually enlarging the room.

3. Make it Cosy

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Ownby Design}

When you have a similar room and you wish to make it as comfy then try the same grey toned walls with the up-cycled furniture. This room is spacious but still feels cosy like a small space that just hugs the residents with a warmth of home. the key features include a spectacular view with a simple color scheme that embraces the stunning outdoors space in a welcoming way.

4. Modern and Minimalist Living Room

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Poliform Australia}

If you wish to go minimal with your interiors then this is a great modern example of living room decor. It focuses on clear lines and light furnishings for simple color scheme that agrees with  the outdoors view.  The interior design integrates seamlessly wit the outdoor well manicured space. The space is welcoming offering warmth not at the expense of great views with large windows.

5. Modern Living Room With Focal Fireplace.

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA}

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to make your fireplace a focal point for your entire internal decor. This designer chooses neutral colors and the cabinets are a standard size so that you can always divide your wall into appropriate sections and repeat this for your design. This designer had more wall width to work with but depending on your wall size you can custom fit the beautiful limestone tile work fireplace. you can save the pic and have tiles cut at your local showroom to obtain similar horizontal stone work.

6. Contemporary Open Living Concept

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Nurit Geffen-NG Interior}

Check out this open living concept for living styling that is evident in a living room idea brought to life in Tel Aviv. This goes to show how easy it can be getting away with blend of opulence and affordable furnishing choices. expensive is what we all desire but even when you are on a budget, you ought not to compromise on your final look. the wood-like tile is perfect with that chestnut color and if you have a bit more rope on your budget you can go for some custom pieces like the square dinning table.

7. Go Modern Industrial

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes}

This shows another open concept living styled home featuring and industrial feel with trees and a great hill view. The living room is larger with dark toned wooden floors and subtle grey walls adjacent large windows. a notable piece is the club chair and the portable bio ethanol fireplace which is a smokeless as it uses a clean fuel. That is the thing in he middle of the white table by the couches in case you are wondering!

8. Enclosed Living Room Idea

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Kendall Wilkinson Design}

This contemporary decorated living room is a good example of what to do with enclosed living room and is to find in San Francisco. It features beige walls which is basically a sophisticated white or neutral color with warm glow and exceptional furnishings to fit. The shelving around the sofa is custom made and the pillows are actually Afican Kuba cloth piecing together that beautiful warm and welcoming setup. Yes you spotted that wallpaper behind the shelving correctly,  its grasscloth wallpaper.

9. Go trendy

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography}

This feature is a trendy open living concept of a model living room tucked away in Minneapolis with beautiful sophisticated grey walls with neat white trims. If your house looks something like this you can sigh with relief having stumbled upon a fancy living room idea. Yeah, its Grey Grant bear paint so you do not end up dissapointed with the paint you buy so as to look as the picture.

10. Contemporary above ground pool view

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Cornerstone Architects}

Originally done by Amy Lutz this design is nothing short of spectacular with the dropping recessed lights and featuring Rosenau dinning table collection with accompanying pieces. This beautiful flooring is vernal White oil European Oak by DuChateau. Almost every small piece of decor in this room is customized which means that only the designer Butter Lutz interiors can provide all the specifics.

11. Trendy Black Floor

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Morrison Homes}

When it comes to unconventional flooring choices then this room takes it all with a majestic wooden flooring and tile fireplace. Other than the cool lamp fixtures the fireplace steals the show with an elevation above the floor and surrounded by a beautiful material called Roccia Wood Grain Row12224. The mirrored cest coffee table is also a great addition.

12. Stone Fireplace Living Room

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Ownby Design}

This is one of the most appealing rooms we have featured owing to the stunning use of earthy colors and mild contrast of colors. We all love to see rooms that are inviting without making much of a fuss. The special stone for the fireplace is Marbella which can be had from Arizona and the custom made coffee table is by All Wood Treasures in Arizona too. The paint is Modern Ivory DE6197 and the stone flooting is 12×24 limestone.

13. Transition to Modern Prominent Fireplace

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Solcorp Developments}

Being one of the crowning jewels of the room and indeed the home, the fireplace is a good investment when you overhaul an interior design. The designers uses paradox orange tiles and Ledgerock stone. the large windows make the Revere Pweter which is more of  a greige than dark grey look a little brighter. The cocktail table is gorgeous and wise addition to the whole piece.

14. Natural Driftwood

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Gaile Guevara}

The clear intention of the designer with this one was to finish the  natural driftwood with no gloss. Also notable is the dry stacked grey limestone cast concrete hearth with blue hues. The floor is White Oak flat Sawn sanded and refinished. The style is a trendy formal and open living concept. A rubio Monocrat finish was used and is recommended for exact results. The wood carvings are a gorgeous and pricey addition to the whole piece.

15. Gray Walls Trendy and Cosy

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Studio KW Photography}

The stone work around the chimney may as well be the most remarkable feature of this design but the custom built-ins supporting the vases on either side are also a gret attraction for the eyes. Th designer carefully selected warmer colors to contrast with the black furniture an effect that is not too difficult to achieve with moderate design skills. You can tell the coffee table is a designer and can only be custom made.

16. High Wall Open Living Concept

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Blue Heron Design-Build}

Check out this next high walled space with white ball chandeliers.  The coffee table is a Phillips Collection. The smooth wooden flooring are complemented by the rug and wooden coffee table with a rugged feel. Most of the features of this home are custom built for just this home and should only inspire you to go all the way out and hire an architect and designer company to build you something just for you.

17. Airy and Grey

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Lisapetrole}

Usually Airy and Bright go hand in hand when it comes to modern decorating but this grey and airy combination is rare and beautiful. This room is the epitome of what many think about when we hear people talk about modern interior decor. Grey creates a neutral toned room enlivened by the large windows which add a sense of vibrancy and the furniture pops. the designer also sticks to neighboring shades for all interiors and a minimal approach to furnishings which is stunning to look at.

18. Trendy Formal Carpeted

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Interiors Joan and Associates}

This here is a new kind of trendy formal and carpeted room design with the outstanding Omaha fireplace with ribbon and great beige wall. The TV mount is also neat and complements the fireplace perfectly. Perhaps what makes this carpeted room truly outstanding is the Silver and Travertine color mixture. The carpet material and color matches the texture of the seats and the zebra blinds with double roller shades come in various other shades and fabric.

19. Open Concept Living Room Remodel

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: ProRail Systems Ltd}

Check out this beautiful project by Vicky homes accented with dark shadows Cloverdale paint on the walls and and porcelain tile flooring giving it a clean and spacious modern feel. The specific porcelain tile is from Aimes Tile’s Luserna series.  the darker color around the cabinetry is also dark shadows 8294 from Cloverdale. we would recommend that you examine individual samples carefully before choosing the final color for your project.

20. Trendy white floor Living Room

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
{Design By: Interiors by Steven G}

Our last but most remarkable sample is this white floored living room design with a ribbon fireplace and mounted TV. The table looks like it cost a small fortune because its a custom make and maybe it does after all. the decor alcoves on either side of the fireplace are stunning and the lighting configuration is also equally breathtaking.

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