20 Attractive Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

You probably never tire of seeing new beautiful farmhouse decor. If so, you are not alone, seeing these beautiful arrangement with nostalgic undertones never gets old. If you ask us, everyone deserves to live like they are in the country home even if they are in the middle of the big city where all the action is going down. Contrary to common misconception, you do not even have to own a backyard or chicken coop. Here is how you gauge a good farmhouse decor like a pro developer and decorator or simply an enlightened owner. Hopefully we can help you take your love for farmhouses and modern rustic decor to the next stage.

How to Recognize Farmhouse Living Rooms

This style of living is perhaps the most versatile because it is totally not made up. You can borrow a leaf from a western movie or you can just decorate for you so long as you remain in between certain guiding principles. Whether you are building or you are looking into renovations in the near future, we will help you envision your dream home with our dreamy collection of farmhouse living rooms in just a bit, but first, here are some things they have all got in common.

Use Shiplap

Almost any contemporary living room can easily be converted into farmhouse by this magic wand called adding a shiplap around the fireplace. This can be reclaimed wood or wooden beams that do not necessarily have to be structural. Additionally you might want to add tonal furnishings and accessories. The ideal farmhouse is unique, aesthetic and comfortable so choose your furniture wisely.

There is nothing wrong with thinking farmhouse are all about the classics because they partly are about pieces of history. While the antiquey embellishments are a part of bringing that farmhouse and rustic vibe on, there is an unmarked limit to how much of these you can cram in your small or large room without creating a chaotic museum.

Farmhouses are also bout bringing the outdoors inside by creating that seamless integration that creates an infinitely large room where imagination is not limited by concrete barriers. Organic elements are also an essential part of the look such as jute rugs indoor flora and wooden floors.

We know that there is nothing more attractive than reclaimed wood coffee tables against vintage curtains and a cozy chair that looks like it has a story to tell. So please, by all means; read on!

1. Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Living Room

Farmhouses are best with exposed stone walls but reclaimed wood is the next best thing. This design incorporates that rustic wooden feel that allows the interior of this beautiful and welcoming home to speak of its country soul. The design has good country elements you can borrow for your country cross over and combines more textures than are necessary to recreate the country ambience. Simple decor and furnishings make the space feel modern and useful.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects}

2. Traditional Farmhouse Living Room

This classic has seen time frozen with every aspect of a Classic farmhouse style living room speaking of simplicity and relaxation. Comfort is a vital ingredient of farmhouse living and that does not always mean spending a fortune. Balancing between open and airy with comfort and sophisticated simplicity will always do the trick. To nail this look you will need to borrow the elegant yet relaxed decor and the updated farmhouse look. Organic vibes are always welcome to any living space and make any decor authentic and lovable.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Bloomingg}

3. Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouses can be industrial too and thus a little over the edge if you please. This particular design emphasizes on the architectural design and details making them truly stand out in all of the room. Although the designer mixes pieces a little bit, this room is predominantly western. It is the simplicity and straightforward nature of the room that makes the farmhouse living room take the industrial turn. It also has a visible metallic allure and makes it easy to identify the mix of styles.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jute Interior Design}

4. Contemporary Farmhouse

Farmhouse enthusiasts often expect nostalgic pieces but this one has this unique modern hook. In spite of the common time freeze style of farmhouse, it is not a rule set in stone. This home exemplifies how you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds now and then. This contemporary farmhouse features gorgeous ceilings reminiscent of farmhouses but the furnishings are anything but. Looking at this design it feels more country than many country homes even though it is located close to the heart of New York.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Crisp Architects}

5. Monochromatic Farmhouse

Going for a monochromatic color scheme is interestingly one of the most stunning ways to decorate effectively for any style. This room shows how any contemporary living room can easily cross to country and with a special color scheme too. These monochromes are neutral and naturally calming and therefore you are guaranteed not to grow tired of seeing it. Tonal furniture and accessories all easily melt into the design and the only thing of color that will be adorning this room will be you and your loved ones.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Blansfield Builders, Inc.}

6. Country House Open Concept

This open concept floor planned farmhouse is both beautiful and confortable. Despite the crowded nature of some country top picks there is no rule against keeping it simple and de cluttered. Lovers of open concept living can take advantage of its best characteristics to create a farmhouse living room with a difference. The perfect blend of two epic styles gives rise to a masterpiece that is truly remarkable to behold and even better to live in. That is essentially what defines a good farmhouse experience.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Redbud Custom Homes}

7. Rustic Farmhouse Decor

When you are looking to create a more jovial experience in your living room then you need look no further than this genius idea. The room is obviously done professionally with a nice blend of rustic and modern home decor ambiance. The wooden beams are nicely finished for a rustic feel and a mice shine against the white and cream backdrop. The colors are neutral with dark toned wood and the cottage feels very welcoming. The stone fireplace with a chimney is a special addition to this farmhouse.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Dalgleish Construction Company}

8. Country Living Room Remodel

This room has that undeniable country feel typical of farmhouse decorations even with its prestigious whites and black and gray undertones. The retro furniture is pretty much what freezes time for this capsule whiles the coffee table does not make the style obvious. If you are after a more modern look with a farmhouse twist then this is certainly for you. The designer here makes it seem super easy and that comfort and practicality can go hand in hand with aesthetics.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Sophie Metz Design}

9. Open Concept Cottage

This large trendy formal, open concept living room is a unique one featuring the cottage look with concrete and exposed masonry and large arching windows reminiscent of an ancient 1800 building. The beige walls make things a little more complex while the sitting amenities are simple and straightforward for easy living. The large bare windows obviously allow maximum insolation and that airy ambience to stream if from the immaculate lawns. The windows are not just that but actually French windows with steel doors and huge glass surface.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Jute Interior Design}

10. Grey-White Farmhouse With Comfy Sofas

This design combines white and grey to create a beautiful farmhouse with sensational calm and serenity. Neutrality is one of the underlying principles of farmhouse living and so is comfy furniture. There are nice modern abstract art. This room is elegant and simple at the same time and the idea example of farmhouse living at its best. These petrified wood stump stools in the foreground are a unique complement for this particular room with formal open concept and wooden floors.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Joseph Farrell Architecture}

11. Formal Open Concept Farmhouse Living

When you are going with a formal open concept for your farmhouse interiors then you must ensure that it is nice and cozy too. Farmhouse is inherently cozy and this house is a typical example of how it should be done. Most remarkable about this design is the excellent utilization of available space. The designer is not only very efficient with the use of interior spaces but also creates the impression of being open and comfortable. For any modern farmhouse setup, the comfort and practicality are the top most priority.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Domus Nova}

12. Large Trendy Cottage Living

A large and stylish cottage styled open concept living room is shown here with white walls, a stone fireplace and dark toned wooden floors. This room is idea can be discovered in Omaha and comes with high end furnishings with no TV. The chandelier certainly stands out and so does the white subway tile halfway on the light gray paint. The wood which is character grade Walnut are finished on site and finished with an emulsion and no stain. This is an example of how farmhouse decor can still remain trendy and more so because it’s also cozy and stylish.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Curt Hofer & Associates}

13. Stone Fireplace Grey Walls New York Farmhouse

This exceptionally styled and furnished room is New York but reminds you of countryside living. As you might have guessed, the beams are not structural but clad in reclaimed wood. The paint choices for this home are calming and neutral while the room provides amenities for reading enthusiasts. The cabinet above the stone fireplace is a special addition for this room. The coffee table is also a great compliment for the exotic rug with warm colors that merge with that of the chairs.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Crisp Architects}

14. Farmhouse Remodel Wooden Trusses

The trusses are perhaps most remarkable feature of this interior design other than the immaculate minimalist furniture. Everything about the room is straight forward and functional and aesthetic all at the same time. The huge trusses seem to be a later addition and not a structural part of the home. The floor dons rustic white oak with a whitewash or similar with exceptional professional finishing. The color is Swiss coffee by Benjamin Moore and brings a perfect balance of rustic and modern.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Pacific Peninsula Group}

15. Enclosed Brick Flooring Farmhouse

This Tupper Lake residence is a larger country themed formal living room with enclosed brick flooring and green walls. I has this organic feel of comfy and quite some luxurious furnishings and amenities. The living room is the crowning jewel of this high end property. The circle of light chandelier looks great in this set and so does the zebra rug. The coffee table is a show stealer and also a custom made piece which mild contrasts the soft colors in the room. The room also opens to the kitchen area via huge sliding doors making excellent use of space and airy.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Dillon Kyle Architects (DKA)}

16. Rustic Sunroom

This Charlotte home is housing a great room style with open concept and formal medium tone wood floors and white walls. The fireplace is a combination of different faux stone and comes fully electric with various fronts to choose from. The stained floors match easily with the side table adding needed warmth to the room. Large pane windows add character and lighting to the room. The slipcovers are an interesting choice and are customized to the sofa and chairs.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Ally Whalen Design}

17. Bungalow Open Concept Living

Check out the magnificence of this bungalow home with medium toned wood floors. Bungalows are undeniably one of the best and easiest homes to adapt for the farmhouse styling option. This San Francisco home is finished with gray stained white oak floors which add unique warmth to the interiors. Furniture here is has a reserved look and does seem pretty elegant at best. This open layout obviously makes the most of this space as any modern designer and homeowner wants.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs}

18. Farmhouse Renovation

Suppose you have come to an inheritance of a farmhouse or your current setup does not quite match your style and functionality requirements. Before you hire a designer, here is an idea that will help you make up your mind easily on what you want to do with your new room. In this Atlanta remodel project, the client wanted a rustic living room that is both inviting and calming. Indoor plants and organic energy efficient decor for the home actually bring it to life with signs of sustenance and providence.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: Historical Concepts}

19. Industrial and Contemporary Farmhouse Blend

This Alamo CA farmhouse is yet another good cease study for the open concept inspired farmhouse living room decoration. It blends a contemporary and industrial feel with country living and births a really unique great room with plenty of room for guests. The living room is mid-sized but from the arrangement and color effects, it feels much larger. It features medium toned wood flooring and gray walls with a special depth and white trims taking after the starry white ceiling with reclined lights. Window walls are great for aeration and lighting the room naturally by day and in this case sliding doors too.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
{Design By: LMK Interiors}

20. Small and Chic Farmhouse Living Room

Our last farmhouse is one of the best inspirations for small country open concept living spaces we could find. Saved best for last indeed with this living room remodel project that is to find in Boise featuring chic white walls and a standard fireplace. Its small, it’s tight but it’s also cozy and welcoming. The reed woven bench has to be a one off and the simple coffee table is also very desirable. This antique Heriz rug is also something special and adds warmth and comfort to this home.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

{Design By: Judith Balis Interiors}

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